Campaign of the Month: March 2009

Denizens of the Nentir Vale

30% Chance of Demons

“The Thunderspire Ordinators did their job again; it will probably be a while before that gang of dwarfs known as the Crypts bothers anyone on the King’s road again.”
“And now to Armando with the weather.”

“Thank you. Yesterday the sun shouted out a burst of light, quietly contemplated it for 12 hours, and then retracted its statement. The forecast for today: Bright and sunny with an 80% chance that I am wrong. Back to you!”

“This just in. Something spectacular has happened near, or shall I say, over Winterhaven. Let’s have a live chat through the Arcane Gate with our on-site correspondent, Enna. Enna, are you there?”

“Yes Sosario, I am here. I hope you can see this through the gate.” Enna points upward. “Not more than 2 minutes ago, that ship, a pirate ship it appears to be, what with the blood red skull on the flag. That ship just magically appeared in the air. The ship is now turning and starting to move, it is moving quickly, toward the East. Hmm, you probably cannot see this, but over on the horizon there is a strange dark cloud, unlike any I have seen before. Sosario, can you send Armando over to check it out?”

“Certainly Enna, thank you for that update. More on the mysterious ship as information arrives.”
“We are currently transporting Armando over to the dark cloud, Enna you should be receiving a report any second now. Armando?”

Armando appears, but behind and all around him is very very dark, with streaks of dark red. Enna asks, “Armando, what is the weather like there?”
Armando frowns, “I don’t know, I’ll tell you when it clears. Let me try to move outside of this strange ominous feeling cloud.” The image of Armando wavers, and then settles back in. Armando is standing in a field, the dark cloud visible behind him. Armando points to the sky, “Look, that pirate ship that appeared over Winterhaven is approaching. It appears to be flying right at the storm. Yes, yes, it is entering the storm. Ooh, it is getting tossed around some; clearly whatever is controlling it is having difficulty with the storm. And now it has moved too far into the storm, I cannot see it anymore at all.”

Enna interrupts, “Can you use your scope to see closer? Can you see if anyone is on board the ship?”

“Of course!” exclaims Armando, “My scope!” He bends down out of view, and then stands back up with what appears to be a solid silver rod. But he puts one eye to one end and holds it like a person would a sighting glass. “There are five people on board, including two females and a dwarf. Whoa, a bubble just surrounded the ship, like a shield. Are they expecting conflict?”

Enna chimes in again, “Have a look around through the storm. See if you can see what is causing it, or what it is made of.”

“Of course!” exclaims Armando. “I see meteors, lots of them. No, wait, those are not normal meteors. Holy mother of …” Armando stops himself as he remembers he is being broadcast live. “Those meteors are demons, maybe the Dread Infernal demons if I am remembering correctly. Oh gods, demons are attacking! Ok, ok, not to panic yet, they do not seem to be leaving the storm area.” He pans the magical spyrod around. “Ah, I see it! In the middle of the storm there is a tall stone tower, and at the top of the tower is a man, a wizard of some sort, waving a crystal staff. He seems to be creating, or at least controlling the storm. Ahhh!” Armando drops the spyrod and jumps back.

“What, what is it?” Enna calls. “Armando, are you all right?”

Armando looks embarrassed as he picks the spyrod up off the ground. “Yes, I am fine. The wizard shot a couple lightning bolts from his staff and with my scope it appeared to be coming straight at me. I guess I panicked a little.” He puts the scope back to his eye. “It appears the ship was the target and that it was hit. Ooh, one of the females did something to boost the shield back to its original strength, very interesting. I understand why the shield was created. It appears our friends on the ship knew what they were getting in to.” He gasps again, ‘Oh my, a meteor just hit the ship. I don’t know how they are going to survive the storm and the wizard. Hmm, the dwarf made some repairs of some sort, but even so, I think they are doomed; what can one small ship do against such massive power?”

“Armando,” Enna asks, “Do you think the areas outside the storm, away from the tower are in any danger?”

“I do not think the wizard can do anything outside of the storm, but if all these demons that are falling join together in an army, then yes, we could all be in very grave danger.”

A worried look crosses Enna’s face, and then she composes herself. “Please continue to tell us what is going on.”

Armando resumes using the spyrod. “The ship has a ballista on it and they are firing it at the tower.”

“You mean at the wizard?” Enna questions.

“No, at the tower itself, near the bottom. I think they might be trying to topple the entire thing. Yes, there go another couple ballista shots, also toward the tower. Ooh, the wizard just shot a large green fireball, blasting the ship and really weakening that shield thing. There goes another fireball, wow that was close, but it missed. A redhead girl is firing the ballista. What the?” Armando stifles a laugh. “The missile just fell off the ship, what was she thinking?” He quickly turns serious again, “Oh no, the shield was just destroyed. Get out of there! What, they are not fleeing, they are moving in closer?! Oh, they have the shield back up. No, it is down! Whew!, it is up again. And back down. And up yet again. My this is exhausting, even from here, I cannot imagine what our friends up there are going through.”

“Can they survive?” Enna asks anxiously.

“I have no idea.” He replies. Armando’s eyes widen and his mouth drops agape. “I don’t believe it, they are ramming the tower. Oh my gods, they survived and actually backed out of the hole. But the tower did not fall!” The tone of Armando’s voice goes up and he starts to pant somewhat. “Now they are casting spells, firing the ballista, and it looks like they are going to ram again! I can’t watch!”

“Armando!” Enna yells, “Please, we have to know what is happening. The fate of the Vale could depend on this!”

“Ok, ok. The tower! It is tilting! It is falling! Curse that evil wizard, I hope he is crushed. No! It cannot be! The wizard just flew away. I cannot see where he went, but the tower is down and the ship is still flying, albeit slowly.”

“Are we safe?”

“Hold on. Gods no! As I feared, a demon army is marching this way. I do not know how much time we have until they get here. I cannot see anything else at the moment. I am returning to Winterhaven to prepare. This is Armando, signing off and wishing you all good luck!”

Enna let out a breath she was not aware she was holding in. “There you have it folks. Breaking news, only from your favourite Nentir News source, K-SPLUG. We will update you on the demon scourge as soon as we know more.”


Sailors, you have sailed through a storm of raining demons, been shot at with demonflame by Illidain Stormrage, and reduced to rubble the Temple of the Arcane! You have earned 56,000 XP or 11,200 XP each, bringing you to a total of 147,583 XP each for your great triumph. Congratulations! You are level 20!

30% Chance of Demons

Z’alden pilots the damaged Astral Falcon to the Castle. He greets their friends with hugs and tells them about their astounding adventures. Then, he gets to work. First, at the small sanctuary, Z’alden reconsecrates the space to Bahamut. He leaves spaces for the good gods, but smashes the areas for Tiamat and Vecna. Having touched his beloved deity of Justice and Hope, he has no room in his heart for the space that vengeance and secrets might occupy.

Having cleansed the space, he organizes the repair of the ship.
[OOC: How much will it cost to repair the damage?]

Finally, he gathers his compatriots. “Friends, we have had a great victory, but a horde of demons still roams the Vale unchecked. By the Teeth, we need an army to counter them while we search for Stormrage himself in the depths of the Mage Towers. The Kengi have long been our allies, and their Prince Felsmon is a good friend. Shall we enlist their aid?”

30% Chance of Demons

“Z’alden,” Rift exclaims. “That is an excellent idea! Felsmon has always been a great friend, and a fighter!”

“With a thousand Kengi at our backs, we could take on any number of demons and return unscathed.”

“Um, how do we contact Felsmon?”

30% Chance of Demons

Erik solemnly replies, “Z’alden and Rift, I fear that there is not enough time. There are thousands of these demons and so in the time it would take to travel to Kengistan, form an army and have it march back to the towers, the demon will have already spread throughout the Vale. Perhaps there is some other way to banish the demons from whence they came. To seek an artifact of sufficient power might be our best hope.”

[OOC: What do we know of these demons?]

30% Chance of Demons

As you sit around the great stone table within the castle, the cube, placed strangely in the center, begins to glow. Suddenly your minds are assaulted by visions of war, despair, and death. Just as quickly the visions turn to glorious battle, honor, and victory. Within this second vision you see Felsmon flying forward at the head of a great host into an army of flame. His axe slashes through the tide of flame as the Dragonborn press forward.

When you return to your conscious selves you remember the cube’s fantastic ritual uses. Perhaps there is a ritual that will allow you to send for Felsmon’s armies.

Additionally you begin to consider the repair costs of your stolen ship, The Astral Falcon. Rift does a few calculations and estimates that the ship will take roughly two weeks to repair, and will cost roughly ten thousand gold pieces.

30% Chance of Demons

As the others begin to deal with the repairs of the Astral Falcon, Erik begins to ponder what he knows of demons. The bulk of Illidain’s army is made up of Dread Infernals; fiery demons built for destruction. They are slow, but incredibly strong. Erik also considers what he knows and suspects of Illidain himself. Illidian is a renegade mage bent on controlling demonic forces. This has twisted his mind and body beyond repair, but has also granted him immense power. In fact, his power may contend with the demon princes themselves. Erik thinks even harder and remembers that all of the power does not stem from Illidian himself, but some comes from Illidains staff and sword; the weapons of an ancient archmage by the name of Miraak.

30% Chance of Demons

“Erik, your ruminations are amazing! I knew I should not have slept through Demon Lore.” The cleric smirks at his little wit. He is a demon expert, at least when it comes to slaying these vessels of evil. Who cares whether they are Dread Infernals. They will be dead Infernals soon!

“Rift, after finding Felsmon, perhaps you can locate Illidain himself through the location of the staff or the sword. Some powerful scrying ritual that the Cube possesses may allow you to bend space and time, get us to Felsmon so that his Kengi army can be marching, and then whisk us across the Vale to confront Illidian himself.” The cleric takes a breath. Thinking hurts.

30% Chance of Demons

Later, Z’alden gathers up their friends cleric Monica and seneschal Lars and any of the others in the castle to outline the repairs needed to the Astral Falcon.

30% Chance of Demons

Tira is not sure what to do. Rift is managing the cube and any rituals therein, Erik is doing the good thinking, and Z’alden is organizing the castle and the ship. She wanders around for a bit. Seeing the smashed temple of Tiamat she pauses for a long minute. She immediately goes and finds Z’alden, walks straight up to him and hugs him fiercely. “Welcome back,” she says with a smile.
She leaves him to his work and continues wandering the castle. Unless Rift needs help with the cube, she will go check the weather.

30% Chance of Demons

While Rift works with the cube, the other frantically work to repair the Astral Falcon. Over the course of the next two days the ship is repaired, at least as far as the adventurers can tell; none of them have much experience with ship maintenance.

Meanwhile Rift works diligently with the cube to unlock its secrets and vast potential. After several hours she is able to connect with it at a deep enough level to contact Felsmon. What does she say to him?

30% Chance of Demons

While Z’alden waits for the outcome of Rift’s investigation, he gives to the cleric Monica 220 pieces of gold to distribute to the needy in the town bordering the lake. “Monica, By the wing, we have been most fortunate to have survived and thrived in our battles with the fool Stormrage and his demonic minions. It is right to celebrate with gifts to the needy. I may be called away at any moment to continue the fight. Please see that these tokens are given to those in need as a sign of Bahamut’s grace and care for the people.”

30% Chance of Demons

Stewart Percy Lowell Underhill Glenfarm looks upon the Astral Falcon with satisfaction. “Glad we fixed up Norfand’s boat after the kraken’s beak tore a hole in its belly. Boy, that was exciting! Anyway, with that repair we learned a lot, which helped us here with this boat”, he remarks to Rajel. Turning his eyes downward he encourages Rajel, “Your father was a brave man. I miss him, but I am proud to serve at your side. Too.”

“Yes,” replies Rajel as she runs her fingers caressingly along the prow. “My father’s ship is still plying these waters. However, I’ll bet the Astral Falcon can make the run to the Temple of the Arcane half past dragon speed.” She pauses and turns to Stewie. “My father’s warlord spirit lives on in me. Haven’t we had a lot of fun this past year? Haven’t we become stronger and more skilled on our little adventures? One day I would like the chance to take command of this proud ship and go on adventures beyond this realm.”

Stewart tries to smile. “Yes, Rajel, um, the hill giants were especially, um, fun to negotiate with. And the spiders too. And, why are you always dragging me along on these adventures? I quite like it here in the castle, keeping things tidy.”

30% Chance of Demons
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