Female Eladrin Wizard - "Arouse my anger at your peril"


Level 4
Initiative +5

Hit Points 41
Healing Surges 10

Armor Class 21
Fortitude 15
Reflex 18
Will 16

Passive Perception 11
Passive Insight 11

Strength 12 +1
Constitution 14 +2
Dexterity 16 +3
Intelligence 20 +5
Wisdom 8 -1
Charisma 10 0

Fey Creature 5’10", 140lb
Speed: 6
Vision: Low-light
Alignment: Unaligned


Rift is a High Elf (Eladrin) Wizard, who resides in the Town of Fallcrest. She was recently thrown out by her mentor, Nimozaran the Green. Rift has the intelligence to harness great power – just not the wisdom to know when to restrain herself. Making friends easily, she just as quickly loses them in a fit of anger. Her goal is to prove to Nimozaran and to herself that she can control her passion and channel her energy wisely.


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