Campaign of the Month: March 2009

Denizens of the Nentir Vale

Victory and Mourning after the Kobold's Lair

As the horses are being loaded up and the bag of holding is being filled with the treasure chest, Z’alden says, “My friends, this treasure and these items that we have acquired, and the glory that we have accrued will have been ill-gotten if the flame of valor that was Felsmon is allowed to be extinguished forever. It is our duty to see that this brave comrade who sacrificed himself in battle is restored by the powers that be through the ritual of Raise Dead. I believe that we must be prepared to sacrifice some of our treasure and newly found items to have this happen. But first, I believe that we should entreat Valthrun to use his powers and wisdom to raise Felsmon. We must tell him of the courage and valour that Felsmon displayed to fell the kobolds, their master, and the goblin. We must tell him of the impending rift opening and doom that we can confront but not without our comrade Felsmon.”

Assuming that Valthrun has the capability to raise dead, or know how, but that we must pay some price for this, we should then entreat Lord Padrug to pay for it. Felsmon fell in service to Lord Padrug. We defeated the kobolds and the goblin. We could forgo our reward, if necessary. We must also alert Lord Padrug to the rift opening, offer to confront the evil, but insist that he use his considerable resources to aid in the restoration of Felsmon.


You pick your way carefully through the forest, Felsmon’s body slumped over his tired horse. Douven repeats his thanks for retrieving his dragon bones.

“My friends, I am deeply sorry for the loss of our comrade Felsmon. He was a brave warrior, and an esteemed member of our Dragonology Society.”

Douven digs into the bottom of one of his sacks. “It is a small item. It belonged to my wife, but she no longer needs it. I hid it when the kobolds attacked.”

Douven pulls out a small figurine – it appears to be made of obsidian, and has a carving of a beautiful lady.

“It is a statue of the goddess Avandra. Perhaps Valthrun will accept it as partial payment for a ritual to restore Felsmon. It is the least I can do.” Douven then slowly hands the statue to Skamos Redmoon.


Skamos Redmoon gratefully accepts the figurine with a bow and in a solemn voice says, “Douven, we are truly thankful that you would grant such a precious gift. We accept it with great honor, in the spirit of our fallen comrade Felsmon.” With voice rising in volume and sternness, he continues, “May we find that it restores him to this mortal world and, with his bravery, rid this land of the evil that now befalls it. Your sacrifice shall be rewarded!”

With that, Skamos holds the figurine high for all to see (and subtly eyes it for arcane powers). With great care and attention he then wraps the figurine in a clean cloth, places it in a pouch, and gently pats the pouch as to indicate safe keeping. Once more, he bows toward Douven. His red eyes then turn toward the fallen Felsmon.


Z’alden also studies the figurine for arcana before saying, “Douven, your gift is most welcome and appreciated. When Felsmon is restored and the rift is destroyed, we can then help you in your dragonquest. While we are on the journey back to Winterhaven, please help us pass these long, sad hours by telling us more of the dragons, your studies, and the importance of these bones.”


Douven turns to you with a sad smile. “I think I have bored you long enough with my descriptions of that ancient flying breed. I know you do not share my passion for dragonology. But it is enough that you are willing to help me.”

“Instead, let us have a tale from you. Tell me what happened at the waterfall, and in the cave. What happened to Felsmon? Did you find any evidence of this cult of Orcus?”

Douven sits back in his saddle, chews on a piece of dried umber hulk, and gazes expectantly at each of you.


In our inexperience, we allowed the kobolds to organize, rather than rushing in and catching them unawares. They separated us and Felsmon was left to battle a handful of kobolds, nothing our stalwart friend could not handle, until this huge goblin joined the Felsmon fray. We all sustained grave wounds and could not provide aid to Felsmon, alas even I fell and, were in not for the healing of Z’alden, would be lying across a saddle myself.

After the battle’s gruesome conclusion we found this scroll. The dread lord Orcus appears to be waging war on the simple burg of Winterhaven. I care not for gold, save what can be used to fill my stomach and my pack. If we can trade it all for the return of Felsmon it would be a worthy trade indeed. Speaking of food, that dried umber hulk looks tasty enough; may I have a piece?

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