Campaign of the Month: March 2009

Denizens of the Nentir Vale

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Who needs those other two?



After a warm greeting, Z’alden smiles somewhat sheepishly at Rift. “I have purchased the needed inks and other materials for learning rituals. Would you share your ritual book with me, so that I too may learn how to enchant magical items?”

And, then to all the party, Z’alden asks,“I am somewhat embarrassed to be suggesting an expenditure for another item that will benefit and enhance my own spells, but I found in the most recent encounter, the poor range of many of my attacks to be greatly limiting. It is truly a failure on the part of my own faith. Yet, I have learned that I can boost the reach of my faith, and the range of my spells, with a new well-crafted symbol. It is not a meager purchase, but well within the set of wealth we acquired from the Dwarven halls. What say you?”

“Further, my friends, what needs have you? We have about 1 million pieces of gold to spend on items that will further our needs, enhance our powers, and, by the Great Dragon, make our enemies quake before us.”

[OOC: Z’alden wants the Symbol of Divine Reach, Level 23 +5, 425 000 gp. It isn’t an upgrade for the plus, but it will be much more useful than his existing +5 Symbol of Vigor, whose powers only work when he is at full health. He will get about 200 000 gp for his existing Symbol thanks to the ‘new’ rules, so will only need 225 000 from group funds to extend his spells from range 5 to 10.]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Erik is in a dark mood. Unwanted forces are now directly controlling their destinies and this troubles him deeply. The party has been split more than once now and to make matters worse, they are seemingly sent on fool’s errands or quests that perhaps only serve evil. The adventurer’s have come so far but are still puppets.

Erik resolves himself to once again take control of his destiny. Material wealth is fleeting.

“Yes, good cleric,” replies Eric to Z’alden, “the Symbol of Divine Reach is a wise choice for one and for all. I say we acquire such symbol.”

The ranger then continues to brood. A plan of definite action is required. A plan to regain free will – to carve ones own destiny – to shake off the control of those that would be as gods.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Rift nods approvingly at Z’alden. “By all means,” she exclaims, “acquire the Symbol of Divine Reach.” Smiling at Z’alden, she reaches into her pack and hands her ritual book over to the cleric.

“Guard this book with your life, cleric of Bahamut.”

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Z’alden nods gravely. “Indeed, I am honored to learn from it.”

The wise but intellectually challenged cleric goes into the Chapel of Bahamut. He carefully studies the ritual of enchanting items with magic, and copies it into his own ritual book. The arcane letters hiss as they sear into the page. Red sparks of magic energy fly off of the quill at times, surprising the man of prayer. Then, it is finished.

He takes off his Symbol of Vigor and wipes it gently. “You have been good to me, but there is more that can be done with prayers to the Great Dragon.” He turns his ritual book to the page containing the spell for extracting the magical essence of an item. With great effort, a few hours later, a vial of glowing powder imbued with magical energy is in his hand.

Finally, he takes a new holy symbol of Bahamut that he asked the Justicars of Kengistan to fashion. Carefully following the newly-learned spell to give it great power, he slowly pours the residuum from the vial onto the symbol. He prays earnestly that Bahamut will put into this symbol that his Chosen will wear the power to extend Z’alden’s faith and with it the range of his powerful divine spells, both those of healing and of offense.

The incense of the Chapel melds with the smell of silver sweat as the holy man directs all of his energy to this task. After a great time elapses, the new Symbol of Divine Reach is complete.

After a short rest, Z’alden finds his pots and components for potions and elixirs. In the battle in the Dwarven hall, the adventurers used several potions. Z’alden crafts new ones and several more.

During the night, the cleric is also concerned for his friend the Ranger. He should have the best possible arrows for his bow. Over the course of the next two days, Z’alden enchants 20 arrows purchased in Kengistan. He gives them a remarkable property. When shot from the bow, each arrow will be highly accurate, almost as though the Ranger had fired two at once!

Once complete, Z’alden leaves the Chapel and quickly goes to return Rift’s ritual book, and then takes the score of Dual Arrows to Erik.

Now, they are ready for whatever may come.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
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