Campaign of the Month: March 2009

Denizens of the Nentir Vale

The Doors Burst Asunder

And all the fell creatures came forth, yea even from the depths of the well, and there was much slaughter

I, Torben Eastlander, sat down with the half-elven cleric of Bahamut, Z’alden. It was late in the evening, and Z’alden had just returned from prayers. He was contemplative. His symbol of Bahamut seemed to shine brightly in the firelight, and surely my eyes were playing tricks, but a light outline of an aura of silver and purple flames seemed to surround the cleric. I recalled that the others had called the half-elf, Silverflame. No, it must be the wine. The aura was gone. Surely the recording of this story was starting to get to me. Still, I would hear this fantastic tale out.

Z’alden ordered two more goblets of wine for us, then sat down. The other members of the party were out. The great Dragonborn Paladin Felsmon and the human Ranger Erik were testing their longswords in a contest to the west of town. Rift the Eladrin wizard was working on learning a new ritual. The dwarven fighter Barrick had decided to see if the ale was better over at the Inn of the Chestnut Charger. Or, at least cheaper.

So, this evening, I sat with the cleric. Z’alden finished his goblet and turned to me, “Torben, you have been dutifully recording our missives in prose and poetry, but the tale is not yet complete. Before you passed out last night after your time with Telnara the dwarven maiden, Barrick had related to you much that had happened as we tried to find the four Minotaur items of testing: Mask, Bell, Blade, and Tome. Only the Tome was missing, and we presumed it was behind a door that was magically sealed. We hoped that finding the four items would aid us in our quest to rescue the Harkenwoldian prisoners from the gnolls before they were sacrificed and the gnoll’s demon god was unleashed upon the world.”

“Indeed the world was thinning. Occasionally we would hear screams rip through the fabric of reality. But, by the Dragon, our resolve would not be undone. Leaving the magic doors, we went to find the gnoll leaders and gain some information on where the prisoners were and, perhaps, how to get through this magically barred door that Rift’s wizardry could not open.”

I would tell my readers here that the tale becomes fantastickal. Even more than in the previous segments. Not only did the group miraculously find the Tome on an altar where they least expected it, down a hallway containing the gnoll’s quarters, they had a battle with another Balgura demon and a gnoll priest. In the course of the battle, the dwarf Barrick jumped onto the Ranger’s back and leapt over the gnoll to swing his axe into the evil creature’s back. Now, as I am not one to malign the words of a cleric, surely a dwarf cannot leap more than a staff length and a half in the air, so I nodded thoughtfully and tried not to chuckle at this absurd notion. Yet, Z’alden spoke with such conviction that I am almost tempted to believe him. As I am when he spoke of how the Paladin’s longsword grievously wounded the demon and the wizard’s frosting magic sent it back to its place of origin or nearest forthwith dimension. Or how the Ranger’s sword drank the life of the gnoll, covering Erik in a soul-powered magic armor for a time.

What seems more reasonable is that they found some items: gold, a jeweled necklace, and a jeweled bracelet which Z’alden placed into his bag. Indeed, he shared some of the gold with Tiefling adventurers, Azkelik and Katel, who arrived on the scene saying that they had heard the fight. Note how, even in the cleric’s story, somehow the tieflings were not present for the demon or for the dwarven leaping. I am no barrister, only a humble scrivener dutifully recording the tale of my patrons, but I am becoming less and less convinced that this tale would survive before a judge.

Z’alden looked at me, “did you get the part about the magic gloves? We gave these to Rift before the Tieflings saw them. They may aid the wizard by changing her magic from a type that a creature can resist to something from the underworld. And the alchemical sling pots. They burst into flames. We gave those to the Paladin. Felsmon has a sling.” Torben nods his heads dutifully, “Oh, yes, I think I missed that. Again, some amazing things that the Tieflings did not see? Interesting.”

Z’alden related to me that they also found more markings on a wall, the four blue dots over the black inverted T. Crossing a hallway, they returned to the north and south doors of a room in which they reported hearing howling and laughter. This time all was quiet, until the Ranger opened the door more loudly than Barrick’s snoring.

Erik, with Rift, Felsmon, and the Tiefling Katel behind him, was greeted by 4 gnolls, two with longbows and the others with hand axes. Katel ran into the large room to attack the gnolls but to no avail. The faded minotaurs fighting on the walls may have inspired Erik more; he quickly dispatched a gnoll back to its demon god. Rift’s magic exploded into the room, filling it with a massive ball of fire that made her comrades warm but singed the gnolls and set a wall of hay on fire. On the other side of the hay was a Dire Bear, chained behind a fence, surrounded by hyenas.

The other four had been by the room’s presumed north door, waiting for the signal whether they should open the door to flank, or join their comrades through the southern door. With the signal given, this they did. Z’alden eyes grew large as related to me, “by the Claw, when I reached the southern door, I called to Bahamut at the sight of these gnolls, and brilliant light enveloped one and sent him back to the pit from which he was spawned. His scream was an answer to my prayer!” The dragonborn Paladin’s breath dispatched another after Barrick’s axe had grievously wounded it. The hyenas leapt over the flaming hay and attacked the dwarf for his trouble. The ranger’s sword felled another gnoll, and the dwarf and the others killed the hyenas.

This left the strangely chained bear. Z’alden spoke to me almost softly of how what should be a fearsome creature was injured and seemed to want care. He tried to heal it while the Ranger used his nearly magic way with nature to calm the beast. Once becalmed, they looked underneath the collar that the Bear had on – the name Ulthand was on the collar, one of the merchants in the Seven Pillared Hall. Could it be that this Dire Bear was a pet that the gnolls had stolen and been torturing? Such conduct is consistent with gnollish ways. So, the group took this pet, Frothy, with them, so as to return it to its master. Before leaving, the Tiefling Azakel noticed more of the strange symbols, this time four blue dots over the yellow arrow shape.

Here, I believe the story, although I suspect it was an ordinary bear, rather than some huge creature as the cleric made it out to be. Clearly too many blows to the head for the servant of Bahamut. What comes next is less believable. Yet, I dutifully record that which the cleric has told me. And, I note, that he bought me another glass of wine. Very kind. And a third. And then we got a bottle of 76 Harkenwoldian red. Now he was ready to tell me what happened next. After the ‘76, I was pretty certain that I too had seen a dragon.

The half-elf cleared his throat as the last of the ’76 was finished, “With Frothy in tow, and all four items in hand, we divided up to place the items on the enchanted azure circles. But, first we fretted over whether the symbolic clues were indicators as how to place the items. Did it matter which item went in which circle? We decided, lacking enough information, to simply try with each item in the circle closest to the room in which we found it. Felsmon and a Tiefling took the mask to northwest circle in a room with minotaur statuary, Barrick and a Tiefling took the Tome to the northeast circle in a room with demon statues and an altar, Erik took the Bell to the southeast in a room with skeletons chained to the floor, and I took the Blade to the potion room. Rift, Surina, and Frothy stood at southern end of the corridor on the blood-stained floor. It would not be long before we understood the mystery of that blood-stain.”

“At Rift’s signal, we placed the items on the enchanted circles. The items vanished. A ginormous roar filled the entire Well of Demons. The minotaur trap was sprung. I could see the blue pool in the potion room swirl, and suddenly, a water elemental was making ready to attack me. The Tiefling with Felsmon fled immediately, as he later told me, when crossbow turrets descended from the ceiling in his room. The Tiefling with Barrick also fled as the demon statue came to life. The skeletons on the floor with Erik rose up in an undead trap. And the track on which Rift, Frothy, and Surina were standing became the rolling ground of a giant blue sphere of death!”

Z’alden’s hand begun to rub the holy symbol on his chest. Perhaps it was the ’76 but I thought I saw that silver flaming aura surround him.

“Before the elemental could reach for me, I ran towards Erik after hearing him yell, ‘Skeletons’! Undead, I thought, by the Wings, something meant for my powers! But, I called upon the power of Bahamut to banish them back to their horrific dominion, and nothing happened. This minotaur mystical trap evaded my command of undead. And there was more powerful magic to come. Even as we all yelled and gathered out of the other trapped rooms to join Erik with the skeletons (with their chains, they were not much of a threat if you didn’t get too close for them to grab you), a white dragon emerged from the deathly cold of the Well and began to attack us.”

“Felsmon had to make a quick duck to escape the sphere after it bowled over Surina, and he was grabbed by the vortex of water elemental. This did not last long, and we were all together fighting this evil impostor of a Dragon. Its breath of icy cold crystals blasted us, and its eyes were able to glare at the Ranger and draw him closer to its claws. And, of course, it could fly away when we went to attack. Erik was able to store his bow, and launched into a sword attack like a Wolf with massive Jaws that tore at the dragon’s wings. Barrick bravely charged at the dragon, but it turned and massive waves of fear emanated from its being. Rift and Felsmon were both frozen in place, stunned.”

“It was not looking good at this point. Then, the dragon had to escape from the giant sphere, which showed it no mercy, and it flew into the room with the skeletons and attacked me where I stood. It landed to attack us all, and raked its claws across the Paladin. Well, we showed the dragon no mercy, Barrick threw axes, Felsmon threw his flaming sling pots, Rift’s flames flew out her hands, and the dragon flew away, injured badly. Erik, in a flash, stored his swords, pulled out his bow and fired two quick arrows at the Wyrm. It fell to the ground.”

I note for the reader that the appearance of the dragon, much less its defeat, was yet another amazing happening not seen by the Tieflings. Even with the ’76, it is only through the zealous recitation of the cleric that I am willing to scribble down this tale. Getting paid in gold also helps.

The cleric continued after pausing for moment to recall in his mind’s eye the fall of the white dragon. Or, perhaps he paused to get his story straight. Regardless, he then related to me, “But, this was not the last of the magical events. The magic double door, which had been barred to Rift’s ritual, flung open. In fact, all of the doors in the Well were suddenly open. We went through that magic door and entered a 10’ by 10’ ante chamber with another double door in front of us with magical carvings. The Ranger’s sense found a secret door. Through it we discovered a room that had the symbols we had been seeing arrayed in a line of stones on sliders that we could manipulate. An unmarked stone at the bottom of the tower of symbols seemed to be a button that should be depressed once the stones were aligned in the proper order. The painted markings on the walls were a key to the solution of this puzzle. But what was the meaning of the markings. And what was the solution of the key? We paused for a moment to rest, and the very fabric of reality warped. We could see into the Abyss. It was terrifying. Then, the horrific vision passed. We rested and thought on the puzzle.”

Here, the cleric paused. He closed his eyes reflectively. Then, the ’76 being too much even for him, he put his head on the table and slept, peacefully dreaming on the Wings of the Great Dragon.

The symbols that the adventurers saw.


Print out the image, cut out the pairs, and rearrange…


The party is currently inside a small hidden room, found just beyond the magically locked doors. One one wall of the room the following blocks and groves can be seen in the wall:

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: If it helps, here is a map of the local portion of the Well. The party is currently in the room at the north end of the narrow passageway; the coloured blocks are on the north wall. Erik listened at the eastern double doors but did not hear anything. The eastern doors are large and heavy, with ornate carvings of faces in pain set into the panels.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Rift is going to use her 20 intelligence to ask herself the following question… does she think that we have all of the clues necessary to solve the puzzle? Are there only 7 clues required? That is all she’s asking for now…

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: Rift’s insight and intelligence are telling her that she thinks there should be at least one more clue somewhere. But she also knows that the party did a fairly comprehensive job of searching the Well and that it is possible the other clue(s) has vanished over time. She does believe the information at hand is enough such that a little mental agility will provide an answer that is close enough.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Erik uses his 10 intelligence to try and deduce the missing clue. He strains. Blood vessels are ready to burst! Oh, if only his strength bonus could be applied in a manner similar to how the intelligence bonus applies to armor class. His 99% perspiration finally leads to a conclusion… black inverted ‘T’ over green wavy lines.

DM, given Rift has a 20 intelligence, does she think Erik is on to something?

The Doors Burst Asunder

Rift has no idea how Erik came up with his “conclusion”, she feels it is more likely just a random guess, but she refrains from saying this to her friend so as not to insult him.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Erik grins. He thinks he has figured it out. He suggests the following order, reading right to left: circle-dot, equals, chevron, four dots, inverted ‘T’, square. Erik asks, “Shall we roll the dice and see what happens?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Rift stares in amazement at her friend. “Erik, I do not wish to imply that I don’t trust your suggestion, but how in the name of Bahamut did you come up with that answer?”

Then she leans over to Surina and whispers, “is he pulling this out of his arrow-filled butt, or does his idea make sense to you?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

It’s true, Erik has taken a few blows to the head and he’s not positive that he has solved the puzzle, but incredibly, there are ineloquent thoughts that lurk without his conscious knowledge…

There are six symbols and eight clues. Six-sided dice have six faces and eight vertices. The eight clues could specify adjacent faces on a six-sided dice. One possible solution to assigning symbols to faces is (counting up from “1” to “6”): circle-dot, equals, chevron, four dots, inverted ‘T’, square. In addition, Erik has sometimes wondered about the random nature of events in his world. The humor of such a solution to this puzzle would be profound, if only Erik could grasp it.

Erik is so mentally spent that he is incapable of further thought to determine if there are other solutions. He also doesn’t realize that he’s making fundamental assumptions about what symbol matches with “1”, “2”, etc. (though “1”, “2” and “3” do share a common vertex as do the symbols that match with “4”, “5” and “6”). In fact, Erik is so mentally drained that he almost feels the need to take a healing surge. Almost.

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: Erik wishes to take a souvenir from the dragon to adorn himself (to frighten opponents in battle). What is salvageable? Can he cut out the leathery part of the wings (to be made into magical gloves or such)? Can the fangs be pulled? Claws removed? Does it have horns that can be taken? Perhaps others would like to share in this too – dragon horns on a helmet or dagger carved from the teeth.

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: Dragon parts can be taken; however any magic that was part of the dragon departed when the dragon died. The leather could still be used to make gloves, a cloak, or whatnot, that would have resist cold instilled in it, but the leather would have to be tanned, cut and sewn before it could be usable in any but emergency situations.

Surina looks confused and whispers back to Rift, “Erik has a quiver, why would he store arrows there? Either way he really should be careful removing the arrows, they have barbs and I think that would hurt.”

To the group Surina speaks up, “I do not think I am super smart, although I was told as a youngling that my intelligence is above normal. I do not understand Erik’s cubist ramblings, but it seems to me that he is overthinking things. The symbols we found were one above the other, shouldn’t the answer follow this pattern?” She gives a nod to Barrick as she says this.

Seeing she has the groups attention, Surina continues, “This entire area was built as testing grounds, with well defined tasks. I mean the pillars told us at the beginning what we were supposed to find, and all the trap rooms were obvious. These coloured marks are not obvious, and this room is the only hidden room in the complex, I do not think it is part of the test, but only something like a bonus for those minotaurs smart enough to solve this puzzle whilst surviving the other tests. One other point, I assume that at least some minotaurs made it through those doors, and it appears that those doors have been opened recently. Doesn’t that mean that all the traps magically reset themselves for the next party to come through? I would bet that some time later those huge statues in the blood room are back to normal and the dragon is somehow again waiting in that cold pit. But these coloured marks seem old and decaying, they have not been magically sustained all these years. That should tell us something I think, but what that is I do not know.”

As no one immediately answers her, Surina assumes her statements have been taken as random ramblings; she looks down and takes a step back, a little anger and embarrassment showing on her face.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Z’alden pulls out his Parrying Dagger and swings it through the air with emphasis, saying, “Surina, you have lost none of the brilliance for which you were reputed as a youngling. Your point on the age and hidden nature of the symbols and this room is very wise, indeed! Now, let us ponder the one above the other. Barrick was muttering something just a minute ago about how the symbols preceed one to another.”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Rift looks nervously around. “Surina, you scored some good hits with your comments. We would not want the white dragon to reappear, but presumably we would need to again retrieve all the items. Getting the dagger back would be nice, however…”

“But, we digress. You have given me an idea about the symbols.”

“Looking at the symbols, we have red circle above green lines, red circle above blue dots. Then green lines above blue dots. Then blue dots above yellow dagger and blue dots above inverted-T. Finally, we have yellow dagger above orange box, and green lines above orange box.”

“So, overall, in priority from top-to-bottom, it appears like…”

  • Red circle – always appears above all others
  • Green lines – appears above the blue dots
  • Blue dots – appears above the yellow dagger and the inverted-T
  • Yellow dagger or inverted-T – dagger appears over the orange box
  • Orange box or inverted-T – unclear

“Since we do not have the 8th clue, we do not know for sure where the inverted-T lies. But if I had to guess, I would say it is above the orange box, since that one appears twice at the bottom. The missing clue could be inverted-T over orange box.”

“Well, what say you all? Should we try one of the above combinations?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Assuming that the top-most symbols is the first to slide in, it would look like this:


“Should we try the top one first?” Rift looks around and laughs nervously. “Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Z’alden’s eyes get large. “I can imagine something very bad as the penalty for a wrongly entered key. Rift, let us deliberate for just a minute or two more before doing something rash. Do you remember the exact order that the magic column intoned the names of the items? I seem to recall it was Mask, Bell, Blade, Tome, but I am not certain.”

“I am of the opinion that the symbols are relevant to the items and features of the well. The blue dots are the four magic circles, the square is the well, the inverted T is the Mask, the yellow arrow is the Blade, the wavy lines are the tome, and the red circle with a dot is the bell. Would the order in which the voice said the items be a clue to the order of this puzzle?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Rift thoughtfully ponders Z’alden’s remarks. “Nay, I am still of the opinion that the dragonborn Surina has hit upon the essence of the problem. The pairs of symbols are the key.”

Rift whispers to Z’alden, “Where she got this idea I do not know. She can fight well enough, but the ale cask seems only half full for her, if you know what I mean. Perhaps she channeled that great roller of bones in the sky.”

“I would also hazard a guess that nothing bad happens if we get it wrong. Surely these minotaurs are a peaceful lot who only wish to bestow their mighty treasure horde upon those smart and brave enough to give it a go.”

Rift gives a cheerful smile and waves her hands in what she hopes is a devil-may-care way.

OOC: Print out the original set of 7 at the top, and cut them into pairs. Make sure you don’t flip them upside down. Then start organizing them according to which ones are on top of the others. It all falls together pretty nicely.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Erik recovers from his embarrassment and rejoins the discussion… “I trust Rift’s thinking, though I would add one more thing – read left to right or right to left? With three basic options and then the left/right issue, our chances are 1 out of 6. Good odds for folk like us. Not any worse than Roper Roulette. Let’s do it!”

[OOC: I think we should pick the third of Rift’s options: the one with the inverted-T on the end. My reasoning is that if there is only one more clue needed to uniquely solve the puzzle, then it has to be “square over inverted-T”. Anything else would lead to more than one possible solution.]

Erik adds one more thing: “First, let’s get some dragon parts.” Erik then proceeds to (try to) remove some teeth, horns (?) and some leathery-wing-sections from the dragon. He’ll use them later for adding to his armor, carving a dagger, or merely to increase his intimidation factor. Maybe he’ll sell them. Anyone interested in the hyde?

The Doors Burst Asunder

Z’alden stares at Rift for just a moment. Is it possible that this brilliant mind has a death wish?

“Rift, your jest about minotaurs being peaceful has hit upon another possibility, as has Surina’s observation that the symbols were stacked on top of one another. Suppose the slider area to the right is simply a region for sorting the symbols in the stack, top to bottom. In which case, given one of Rift’s suggested orderings, the red circle and the orange square are already in the proper position. I like the top most ordering, myself, once it is sorted top to bottom with the red circle with a dot on top.”

Z’alden scratches behind his ear. This thinking clearly hurts.

“I like it because it keeps the symbols neatly arranged 2 above and 2 below the 4 blue dots. It is also the only possibility that has some vague relationship to the Mask, bell, blade, tome order, as one would be working bottom to top, outside to inside. Either arranged top to bottom, or along the slider, I prefer Rift’s first arrangement.”

OOC: DM, does the slider region to the right of the symbols look like it is the exact width to hold the six symbols? Also, are there any clues, symbols, or marking that we can perceive in this room?

The Doors Burst Asunder

Erik responds: “Z’alden, I agree that the area out to the right is just a place-holder. We should keep the symbols stacked. Now, which of the three to choose from? If there is indeed just one more clue, it must be one that uniquely solves the puzzle. It must involve the inverted-T. There are just two configurations that would uniquely solve the puzzle: inverted-T over yellow or inverted-T under square. In my mind, that leaves Rift options 2 and 3.”

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: No other extra clues in the room.
The slider region on the right is longer than the width needed to hold the six symbols.

Erik silently jogs back to the dragon to try to claim some trophies. “By all the untrackable …” Erik starts to mutter a common ranger curse. The dragon, if that is what it can now be called, appears to be no more than lumps of whitish blobs. The blobs are all steaming, and no sooner than the mist leaves the blobs does the mist travel westward, turning northward into the central area from which the dragon emerged. think of dry ice sublimating Erik knows without checking that the mist is pouring back down into the cold pit. Cursing again, seeing his dream of a dragon dagger lost into the air, Erik returns to the hidden room to inform the others.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Erik’s dream of a dragon dagger is not done. There are other dragons to slay, though perhaps not today. After telling the others of the vaporizing dragon, Erik asks them about how they’d like to proceed. Have one of them arrange the symbols and push the button while the others wait outside the double doors? Split the team into 3 and 3? Some in puzzle room, some in secret corridor, some outside double doors?

The Doors Burst Asunder

Z’alden says, “Erik, I will volunteer to arrange the symbols and push the button. If something goes awry and poison darts shoot out of the walls, acid rains from the ceiling, or some other foul trap is sprung, through Bahamut, I can be healed from near death in an instant, as long as I am conscious.”

“Erik, I think that your reasoning is as solid the Dragon’s teeth. Bahamut’s Breath! Either inverted T under square, or inverted T over yellow would uniquely solve the puzzle. I cannot divine a way for Rift’s first order to arise from any single clue. That leaves Rift’s second and third ordering. If we assume that the missing clue is inverted T over yellow, that gives Rift’s second ordering. This keeps the 4 ‘item’ clues arranged 2 above and 2 below the 4 dots, with the square Well symbol at the bottom.”

Z’alden breathes deeply, “ What say Erik, Rift, and I be in the secret room, with Felsmon, Surina, and Barrick ordered North to South on the final 3 staff lengths of the secret passage. Rift and Erik be two staff lengths behind me. Let us tie ropes one to another, me to Rift, Rift to Erik, Erik to Felsmon, Felsmon to Surina, Surina to Barrick. I will align the squares using Rift’s 2nd order, with the red circle at the top and the orange square at the bottom. Are we agreed?”

“But first, Erik, let us search this room for traps. Perhaps we can perceive what evil fate may await us if the squares are arranged unwisely.”

OOC: DM, Z’alden wants to check the entire room for traps. Assuming Erik agrees, do we find anything?

The Doors Burst Asunder

Erik nods, “Yes, let us search for wicked traps of acid, fire, cold and poison. Let this not be our tomb.” Erik (and presumably Z’alden) will search the secret corridor as well. If everything is safe, then Erik will move into position two staff lengths behind Z’alden.

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: Searching finds nothing new

Z’alden looks over his shoulder; seeing that everyone is in place, he takes a big breath, mutters a simple prayer, and reaches forward to touch the blocks. The blocks slide easily along the tracks, although a quick glance does not reveal any mechanism indicating how the blocks stay on the groves. As nothing happens just by moving a block, Z’alden rearranges them into the agreed upon order, red circle on the top, orange square at the bottom.

One more glance over this shoulder, another big breath, and Z’alden pushes on the lowest, unmarked block. “By the claw!” Z’alden shouts as he drops to a crouch. The others in the party look around, but see nothing that would provoke such a response. “Z’alden, what?” Erik asks, eyes ever on the move.

“The ceiling, it’s dropping!” Z’alden replies, crouching as low as he can without lying flat on the floor. “No,” Rift calls, “It must be like the other room, we sense nothing.” At Rift’s comment, Z’alden looks slightly less concerned, but braces himself nonetheless.

Everyone waits, no one breathes, all eyes on Z’alden. Z’alden’s eyes widen for a second, then relief washes over his face. Standing up Z’alden quickly looks at the other party members. “I do not have much time to explain. I saw the ceiling fall down, down. It seemed to pass through me and for a second my head was on the other side of the ceiling. It appeared I was in a 10’ by 10’ plain stone room. I saw nothing of interest, but by Bahamut’s blessing, I was granted a vision. We have 10 minutes to complete this task. Unfortunately that is all I know, as soon as I was given the 10 minute sign, the ceiling snapped back to where I assume you all see it now.”

“Time is of the essence, we only have 10 minutes, but 10 minutes in which to do what?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

“Z’alden, do you think we ordered the symbols correctly?”, Erik asks with obvious heightened tension. “Maybe try the ordering which has the inverted-T on the bottom?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: Forgot to mention: The button at the bottom of the coloured blocks which Z’alden pressed did not come back out; it remains in the pressed in position.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Z’alden, still mystified by his unclear vision, shakes his head. “Erik, as the puzzle has not reset, I say let us proceed through the eastern double doors and see if this 10 minute challenge lies that way. Surina, perhaps it involves the destruction of more gnolls!”

“Let us proceed with Felsmon and Erik in front, Barrick and Surina together one staff length behind, then Rift and me, one staff length behind that.”

“Erik, can you quietly open the eastern door and see what lies beyond?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

“Since Z’alden saw a vision of the other 10×10 room, perhaps a couple of us should run over there to see if anything has changed in that room?”

“Let’s see what Erik discovers behind the double doors. Then, if it doesn’t look unusual, or looks like something that should have been there all along, we quickly run around to the other 10×10 room. Are there some other areas which might do something different with a 10 minute effect?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Z’alden’s eyes light up, “Rift, I am a fool.The 10 foot by 10 foot where the ceiling would waver on me should be examined immediately. Maybe that is where more information can be found.”

OOC: DM, does Z’alden connect the room in the vision with the 10’ X 10’ room just to the north of the room with blood trail in which they saw and were challenged by the 3 spectres?

The Doors Burst Asunder

does Z’alden connect the room in the vision with the 10’ X 10’ room…

DM: Now that he is reminded of it, yes there is a strong connection.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Erik hastily adds, “Can we reset the puzzle? Maybe restore the symbols to their original position and then try the other combination? Maybe Z’alden can do that while Rift and I take a look at that other strange room. Give us the count of 120 (or something) to get over there before you push the button again, assuming it pops back out.”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Z’alden tries moving one of the symbol blocks, “No Erik, the blocks seem to be held in their current positions. Trying again does not seem to be an easy option, if even possible. And I am not sure how I know this, but we now have 9 minutes and 30 seconds left to us.”

The Doors Burst Asunder

“Let us go immediately to the small room north of the thick blood trail where the ceiling would waver for me. Erik and I shall lead, as I hope that when I go into the room, the remainder of the vision will be made clear. Felsmon, you partner with Rift, and the rest of us go as we had discussed before.”

“Erik, I think that there is no time for listening at doors, besides they are most likely still open. Let us make haste.”

OOC: Do we get to the room? What does Z’alden and Erik see before stepping in? Unless it seems deadly, Z’alden will go in.

The Doors Burst Asunder

OOC: DM, I have noted down that Z’alden’s Will is down -2 from 20 to 18. I think from peering into the Abyss. How long did (does) that condition last?

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: The -2 Will penalty lasts until the party completes a rest, which you did immediately after obtaining the condition; Will’s are at normal values.

The party moves as quickly as it can with some semblance of stealth. They reach the small strange room, Erik listens momentarily at the door, “I detect nothing.” Erik opens the door and looks inside, “I see only what I saw before, an empty room.” Stepping aside Erik lets Z’alden pass. Z’alden peers upward at the ceiling before entering the room. “I wish I knew if this timer in my head was set by Bahamut or Baphomet, it would give me courage if I knew Bahamut was with me.”

Z’alden steps into the room, looking upward, prepared for anything. The rest of the party stands readied outside the room. As they watch, Z’alden’s eyes widen, then shut tightly for a second. Z’alden’s eyes reopen, then widen even more so than before. Slowly Z’alden’s hand reaches forward and suddenly, from thin air, Z’alden is holding something.

Z’alden stares at the object in his hand, then touches it with the other, as if checking to see if it is really there. He slowly walks out of the little room, eyes still on the object. Seeing that the object did not disappear when crossing the room threshold Z’alden holds the object up for all to see and explains: “My friends, may Bahamut’s will never put you through the strange happenings I am experiencing here today. As I entered the room, the ceiling appeared to fall, this time, like the puzzle room, it appeared to fall through me and that my head entered a separate room. By the scale, having a ceiling fall on you twice in 5 minutes is more unnerving than fighting two dozen zombies.” Z’alden shudders at the memory. “In this new room, the real location of which only the gods may know, I saw sitting before me this object.”

Everyone now sees that Z’alden is holding up a stone figurine, about 5 inches tall, of a creature, half female, half sea serpent. “As the figurine did not appear to be a vision, I reached out and found I was able to take hold of it. As soon as I grabbed it the ceiling lifted and I was back in this realm, and somehow I managed to carry this object across.”

The figurine is simple stone, no adorned jewels or other items. It does not appear to be valuable, and no magic from the object itself is detected.

Looking again at the small statue, Z’alden says, “I do not believe this is the goal of the puzzle, I think this is but another step, maybe a clue. But whatever we want to do with this, we must do it quickly, we have just over 8 minutes left.”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Rift quickly looks around at the group. “What about the 3×2 room where the blood stops?”

“Z’alden, will you take the figurine into the room and see what happens? I would not ask this of you again, but the magic seems attuned to you. Perhaps it is an old magic that predates even the minotaurs. It reminds me of the mermaid fresco back near the Chamber of Eyes.”

DM, as an aside, Rift would like to concentrate hard on anything she can recall about female human/sea serpents. Is it indeed a mermaid, or something else? Also, do we recall anywhere in this area where we have seen a niche or depression where such a statue might fit or sit?

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: It is not a mermaid as described in the books. In the figurine the female face looks quite vicious and possibly fanged (it is hard to tell on this old relic.

Moving quickly to the 3×2 room, Z’alden stops at the door to allow the others to gain proper positioning. “Bahamut, if I have been chosen for this task, then let me complete it swiftly.” Z’alden opens the door, “By the Wing!” Crowding around, the party all peers into the small room.

Felsmon points down, “Look, the blood stains!” The blood stains no longer stop at the threshold to the room, but enter the room, ending in a dried splattering in the middle of the floor.

“And there, on the wall!” Rift points excitedly, “A niche!” On the south wall there is now a niche in the wall, just the right size to hold, for example, a 5” statue.

Other than the niche and the bloodstains, the room still appears to be a stone 15’x10’ room, nothing else about the room lends any information as to its purpose.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Barrick again tries his Inspiring Word technique:

“Put ‘er there, pardner, just in the nick of time – no! wait! I mean just in the niche of time! I mean, in the niche in the wall! Aw, you know what I mean!”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Z’alden says, “In for the Nest, in with the Egg!” With the others following into the room, Z’alden crosses to the niche, taking some care to avoid the blood stains if at all possible. He places the figurine in the niche.

The Doors Burst Asunder

As Z’alden places the figurine in the niche, the portion of the door frame where the door latch would enter, clicks … twice.

Nothing else happens at this point in time.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Erik looks out of the room… does anything look different?

The Doors Burst Asunder

We close the door to the room (with all of us inside). If nothing happens, then we remove the figurine, and then put it back into the niche again.

“Brace yourselves!”

The Doors Burst Asunder

The door is shut. As the figurine is placed again into the niche, the room shakes with a large bump. A large whooshing noise is heard through the walls, then another large bump, then all is quiet.

DM: As there are hardly any other options at this point it time, I will assume someone opens the door.

Erik does his usual job of opening the door not quite as stealthily as he would like. A narrow hallway, magically lit, can be seen leading away. The hallway is not made of normal stone; each surface, the walls, floor and ceiling, are made of what appears to be highly polished obsidian: very smooth, very shiny, very black. The hallway stretches forward, ending at a large polished red door. “Looks like Jasper.” Barrick’s knowledge of stone overrides his desire to remain quiet. “But I have never seen a piece large enough to fashion a door,” Barrick whispers, obvious excitement in his voice.

Moving forward slowly, all the while knowing Z’alden’s mental clock is still ticking, the party reaches the red door. No knobs or latches can be seen on the large smooth red rock surface. After hearing nothing, Erik steps back and lets Barrick step forward to both examine the door and possibly go first, axe ready for whatever might lie beyond. Barrick’s thick fingers caress the door, then push gently. The door swings away easily, without a sound.

Beyond the door a row of large black candles against a wall suddenly flare up, revealing a room, 30’ x 30’ with a high domed ceiling, all made in the same smooth glossy black as the hallway, no carvings or other items adorn the reflective walls.

Seeing nothing else in the room, the party steps forward cautiously. Once all six members are in the room, a slight breeze is felt by all. A moaning sound from the center of the room draws everyone’s attention. Rising from the middle of the floor, a spectral figure of a minotaur appears. The apparition is almost 10 feet tall with massive horns extending over 6 feet to either side. It is dressed as if it is a priest.

The ghostly minotaur speaks, an echoing booming voice, “You are not minotaurs. But no matter, to have reached me you must have passed the tests of skill, strength and mental agility; I commend you on that, although it appears it took six of you to do what the minotaur warriors had to do alone. It has been a long time since I have had visitors, even for one such as I. Time is short for you, so let me administer your reward for reaching this room.”

“I will grant each of you one wish.” He pauses to examine the expressions on your faces. Surina begins to shout something but is cut off. “Know this,” he raises a hand to emphasize his point, “There are rules. Each of you may ask one wish and only one wish. All six wishes from the six of you must be stated before I grant any of them. Your wish must be something I can grant. I may interpret your wish any way that fits the words. A wish may not be overly complicated, no ‘ifs’. And, most importantly, your wish must be suitable to one of your current stature, a wish for something beyond your current level will be denied without the possibility of a second attempt. Any wish that breaks any of the rules, or is otherwise unsuitable, will also be denied.”

“No other questions will I answer now. Please state your wishes so that I may begin.” The spirit crosses his arms in front of his chest, closes his eyes, and becomes motionless.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Rift paces back and forth, thinking. However, she has never been one to deliberate for too long (which is why she is perhaps always getting in trouble).

“Spectral minotaur, I currently have the power to teleport myself a short distance. I wish that I could teleport myself for a longer distance.”

Rift then grins widely at the minotaur, and goes off to eat some dried umber hulk in the corner.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Surina looks at Rift with contemplation on her face, “Hmm,” she says aloud, “Teleportation sounds like an awesome thing to have.” She stares at the broken broom handle in her hands. Stepping forward and raising her head she addresses the ghost, “Oh wise and powerful minotaur, I need a real magic wand, not this makeshift splintery thing. I have heard of various powers attributed to wands, like a wand of fire, or a thunder wand. I wish for a wand of gnoll blasting.” She nods, pleased with her choice.

Turning away, she moves to join Rift in the corner. “That looks tasty, may I have a piece? Hey, have you ever tried roasted aboleth scales? They might be a little tough for your delicate mouth,” Surina grins, exposing her thick teeth, “But if done right they can be quite a treat.”

The Doors Burst Asunder

“Ah, Surina, you have made a wise choice with your wand of gnoll blasting. I hope you get your wish!”

“As for the roasted aboleth scales, they always get stuck in my teeth. I prefer tail of Tarrasque myself. A bit hard to come by…”

“So, up for a game of Old Mermaid?” Rift pulls out a deck of cards with strange glyphs and images. The edges are worn and singed, perhaps the result of some failed fireball spells. “What are the stakes? Copper? Silver?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Z’alden steps forward. “Rift, what the Shell! This is no time for a snack or for a game. Time is of the essence.” Turning to the spectral minotaur, he says, “Oh powerful minotaur, I wish for an enchanted mace of healing of the strongest magic that is possible for me to aid my combat and help my prayers better heal my comrades.”

Felsmon steps forward. He thumps his chest twice. He says, “Spirit of Minotaur, I wish for layered plate Masterwork armor enchanted with the strongest magic that you can give me.”

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: I probably should not be saying this and just deny it, but strongest that you can give me is not an acceptable wish. You must wish for something that is interpretable by anyone or you will not get it. You can wish for a stronger item, but you do not know what the maximum the spirit can give and thus you do not know what you are wishing for when you say strongest.

The Doors Burst Asunder

OOC:just takeout the words ; the, strongest, that, you, can, give, and me.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Just at the instant that Z’alden and Felsmon begin their wishes, Rift begins to choke on a piece of especially tough umber hulk. The horrible hacking fit lasts several moments, completely drowning out Z’alden and Felsmon as they try to make themselves heard over the racket.

It is doubtful that the spectral minotaur was able to hear their wishes. “Sorry,” Rift splutters. “You had better repeat your wishes.” She takes a long swig from her stagnant water skin.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Barrick finally decides to step up with his wish. It was hard for a dwarf unused to asking anything of magical beings.

“Look, I have spent my whole life fighting hard, shoulder to shoulder with many great friends. I was never a leader, just a battler in the trenches. I fought with some great leaders though, like Geldesrack the Great, and of course the warlord Yarbler.

I never thought I could be like those guys, and I still don’t. But, I have been trying lately to follow as far as I can in their bootprints. Trouble is, I find it’s not very far. I am cut from different leather. I find it hard to raise the spirits of my companions, even using some of the tried-and-true words of inspiration that I have jotted down over the years. It’s hard for an old dwarf like me, unkempt and maybe even bitter, to have an effect anything like Yarbler used to have. He could rouse a band of us, in 5 seconds, from our deathbeds, to be dragon-beaters!

So, although I know I will never reach those heights, if you can really grant me a wish, I would wish for some of what those guys had, that made everyone around them fight better, and tougher, and happier, and longer. Course, I don’t know what it was. Those guys had it, and I don’t. But that’s what I’m wishin’ for, and if you can’t give it to me, well, I don’t really expect any more from a dead man-bull.”

With that, Barrick grimaced, and stepped back into place.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Z’alden looks around. “Rift, truly this was no time for a snack. Turning to the spectral minotaur, he says, “Oh powerful minotaur, I wish for a strongly enchanted mace of healing to aid my combat and help my prayers better heal my comrades.”

Felsmon glowers at Rift. He again thumps his chest twice. He says, “Spirit of Minotaur, I wish for layered plate Masterwork armor enchanted with strong magic.”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Erik is last to step forward…

“I am Erik Stormgrund, a ranger from the North Lands. Though growing up in the mountains made me strong and hearty, I still wish for greater stamina and fortitude. Thank you for honoring our success with the challenge.”

Erik then steps back and waits with the others for the minotaur spectre’s response.

The Doors Burst Asunder

The spectral minotaur opens his eyes and surveys the party. “Now that all the wishes have been made, I will assess and possibly grant them, one by one.”

He first turns his gaze to Rift, “Teleportation is a feat I never had in life, but one that seems valuable. I think I would want to be able to teleport through walls, surprise my enemies and cut them down quickly, but that seems to be beyond your abilities.” He pauses, lost in thought or memory. Eyes refocusing, he continues, “Yes, that would be nice. But here and now, I will grant your wish.” He raises his arm, points at Rift, and a thin bolt of red energy shoots from his fingertips to Rift’s body, bathing her briefly in a red glow. As the glow departs Rift instantly knows that her Fey Step has changed:

To Erik, the minotaur next speaks, “Being able to withstand the rigors of battle for a greater length of time is a request worthy of one accustomed to being in the thick of battle. You seem more fitted to darting around the edges, yet maybe you enjoy swords more than bows, I have not seen you in battle. Either way, I grant your wish.” As the red glow fades from Erik he instantly feels hardier. Erik’s constitution is now 13

The minotaur then turns to Barrick, “Yours is a concept I never understood. What use is it to have your comrades move faster if you yourself fall in battle. Why not wish for those things for yourself? You cannot help turn the tide of combat if you are dead. But, your wish is not mine, and as odd as it might be for a fighter, I will grant your wish.” Another bolt of red energy shoots from his fingertips. “I sense you already have the power of Inspiring Word, to this I add the power of Inspiring Voice”

Next, Surina is addressed. The figure smiles, “Now your wish is more to my liking; something that blasts your enemies. I always wished for a power that would make my foes explode.” The minotaur pauses, nods to himself, then smiles even more broadly, “Your wish is granted.” As Surina’s broken broom handle is engulfed by red glow the handle morphs into a dark wooden wand:

The minotaur looks down at Z’alden, his smile fading and his brow furrowing, “You wish for a Mace of Healing. That I could do. But then you added the requirement for a strongly enchanted mace. Strong to me probably means something different than how you interpret strong. I do not know your definition and rather than use my own, which would easily put your wish out of your reach, I will use the mace itself as the guideline. The weakest Mace of Healing is suitable for someone about to take up their Paragon Path, whilst the strong Maces of Healing are reserved for those that have completed the Path and are carving out their Destiny. The lesser-enchanted Mace is still above your current stature, yet you ask for strongly enchanted. You ask too much.”

“And you,” the ghost glares at Felsmon, “The least of the layered plate Masterwork armour is also above your current stature, but something which you would be worthy of, whilst the strong version, as you wish for, is not to be used by middling heroes such as yourselves. You also ask too much.”

The shoulders of the minotaur drop and an eerie blast of steam escapes its flared nostrils. He laughs, “How funny it is that the two of your party that are supposed to be most concerned with the others, the Cleric and the Paladin, are the two greediest of the lot.”

“But, I have had no visitors in a very long time, no one on whom to work my given powers.” Another snorting exhale, “Therefore I offer a challenge to each of you two. If you can convince me of your worthiness, I will give you, not the strong version of what you ask, but the lesser version. You may choose not to confront me, for if you do, and you fail, the toll will be severe. Decide now, your time here is almost extinguished.”

DM: What this entails are individual skill challenges. Easy level, moderate difficulty. 3 successes before 2 failures. You cannot use any skill more than once in the challenge, and each skill has a different DC assigned to it, based on what the minotaur most prizes. The primary needed skills, nor the DCs of each skill are not being revealed. Now for the really bad: with each failure one point is permanently taken away from a randomly determined ability, e.g. strength, dexterity, wisdom. If 3 successes are obtained before 2 failures you will get the item requested, at +2, in the level 8-10 range.

Z’alden’s mace can turn into a Mace of Healing, +2

And Felsmon’s armour can become Battleforged Layered Plate Masterwork armour, +2

If 2 failures are reached first, you will still get a +1 bonus to your current mace or plate as a consolation, but nothing else, and of course you will have taken 2 hits on your abilities. If either of you choose to take on this optional challenge we will play it out at the beginning of our next session.

The Doors Burst Asunder

OOC: Sidenote, DM, why does the minotaur think that a level 8 magic item is beyond the range of a level 6 character who is already carrying level 10 magic items? Level 8 should be appropriate, I think.

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: Level 8 is not beyond the range, level 8 is definitely appropritate. The issue is that level 8 is the mostly weakly enchanted Mace of Healing there is. Asking for a strongly enchanted Mace is asking for something in the 18+ level range, which is why the wish was denied. There are 5 levels of the Mace of Healing and the level 8 Mace is not a strongly enchanted Mace. If it was, what would be the average enchanted Mace, or the weakly enchanted Mace, and what would the other levels be called?

The Doors Burst Asunder

OOC: DM Felsmon wished for magic layerd plate masterworck armor not strong magic layered plate masterwork armor. I’m sorry if I worded it wrong.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Barrick feels strange, then a bit fearful, then pleased. There are connections in his brain he never had before, possibilities that present themselves. Whereas his thoughts in battle had always been along the lines of “Hit, Push, Cower, Hit, Run, Repeat”, with quite a bit of “Snarl, Curse, Gloat” thrown in, now would come the occasional thought of group tactics, and even once in a while a little “Rouse, Goad, Spur”.

He wonders whether he could use his newly acquired motivational talent to assist his comrades if they accept the Minotaur’s challenge. But, these would apparently be tests of skill, unlikely to be improved through motivation. The motivation might even throw off their concentration, which is why crowds only cheer after an axe throw at a contest, not before. He decides against it.

The Doors Burst Asunder

Rift shakes her head sadly. “I fear that our cleverness with the puzzle has only brought us more trouble.”

“Minotaur, you seem to be a reasonable sort of fellow. You have given me too much for my wish. I would gladly forfeit the special teleport power to help my friends with their challenge. If you allow me to help, and one of them fails the challenge, then I forfeit the extra power. What say you spirit? Will you up the stakes?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Erik looks down at the ground, a bit dejected. “Z’alden and Felsmon, I feel that you should not run this risk. The ways in which powerful maces and armor are presented to us are manifold. Perhaps the bit of misfortune here will be undone soon enough. May we focus our frustrations on Maldrick Scarmaker and Paldemar the Ordinator. May they feel the wrath of their victims through our iron and magic.”

The Doors Burst Asunder

The minotaur looks at Rift, puzzled, “Helping others can be a good thing, but at the loss of a valuable power? In battle you must first protect yourself. Races other than the noble minotaur have strange views.”

“But yes, you may aid your allies in this. Know this though, any one aiding must incur a penalty if failure occurs. However, the penalty can be divided amongst all those involved, thus lessening the effect on any individual.” DM: e.g., to something non-permanent

“My time here is waning, decide now, or leave with the gifts you have received.”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Surina speaks up, “Life is too short to be worried about trivial details, I will help my new found friends if I can, regardless of the potential cost.”

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: Oops, I made a mistake. I just re-read the module and realized that the loss of the ability scores is not permanent but does last for the remainder of the adventure. That covers the rest of the time that I am DM, thus for me it is almost the same as permanent, hence my error. Sorry if I scared anyone.

The Doors Burst Asunder

OOC: zplayer was too clever for Z’alden’s good. The Mace of Healing isn’t the only mace that fits the wish. There is a level 2 “Holy Healer’s Weapon” in the Adventurer’s vault which would have fit Z’alden’s wish without the word “strongly”. I assumed, since the minotaur had given us the rules, that strongly would be relative to our current stature. For Heroic, I was thinking of items levels 6 to 10 as strongly enchanted and 1 to 5 as weakly enchanted. The minotaur’s interpretation is fair, too, though, and he did warn about the interpretation. I helped rplayer out with the wish for Felsmon and was thinking the same thing about strong magic. With Felsmon, more basic +2 layered plate armor would have been about level 6 and fit the wish with the thinking that 6-10 was strong and 1-5 was weak magic.

Z’alden holds out his mace. “Dragon’s Breath, Great Minotaur Spirit, I would have my wish. If challenge you must have, though the wish might be thought fair and true under your rules, challenge you will receive from me. I thank my friends for their offer of aid. Friend Ranger, the boon of a healing and striking mace is worth this risk, if necessary. I gladly accept whatever I can receive.”

The Doors Burst Asunder

Erik steps beside Z’alden in a show of solidarity. “May the great dragon smile upon you in this moment. You will also have me at your side to help in any way I can.”

OOC: What exactly are the rules for aiding another in this challenge and what are the penalties?

The Doors Burst Asunder

OOC: Bummer about the “Mace of Healing” mixup. If nothing had matched that name specifically then all this would have been avoided. I did not think you would have been asking for too much, but given the “Mace of Healing” stats I could come up with no other reason why the “strongly” was added. Hmm, I do not think I should back things out at this point in time, and I am sure this will end well enough anyway. :)

The minotaur smiles, “Z’alden it is good to see you step up to the challenge presented instead of shying away, as a true warrior would do.”

DM: In this challenge, each character must try to convince the minotaur of their worthiness using some skill, up to 4 characters may attempt to aid each try. The main character first chooses the skill, then the aiders roll, using their own bonuses for the skill chosen, 10 or higher aids. Then the character roll plays, then rolls the dice, adding everything, as normal skill checks go. The DC for success is moderate, meaning the odds are favourable for success. The penalties depend on how many characters aid. If no one aids, the penalty for a failure is -1 from an ability for the remainder of the adventure. If 1-2 characters aid, the penalty is -1 (-2 for the primary character), per failure, to one randomly determined trained skill, which is determined separately for each character. If 3-4 characters aid, the same penalty applies but the hit is against any skill, not just the trained subset. Either way it lasts the remainder of the adventure. The worst case is that everyone loses 4 points from various skill checks, but how often do skill checks gravely affect things anyway?

The Doors Burst Asunder

Felsmon says “if a half-elf is up to it I am” and he steps forward ready to take the challenge

The Doors Burst Asunder

OOC: Mix-ups like this make life interesting. Plus, without risk, what is the reward worth? I think this is a fair situation. If everyone is up for it, I say we go for 4 players aiding on each roll.

The Doors Burst Asunder

“I’m ready!”

The Doors Burst Asunder

“And you as well, young paladin!” The minotaur nods approvingly, “Anyone can make a wish, but to do so in the presence of possible peril is most worthy, most worthy indeed. Very well then, which of you brave souls will step forward first to try and convince me that you deserve the item you wished for?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

OOC: Should this part wait until Friday night? Or will the DM do all of the dice rolling?

The Doors Burst Asunder

OOC: Friday night. Role-playing for everyone (including those that aid)!

The Doors Burst Asunder

Erik can already feel the effects of his improved endurance and hardiness. He gives Felsmon and Z’alden a nod, indicating that he is ready for this challenge. To Felsmon he says, “I feel ready for battle too. When this challenge is won and we find ourselves before Scarmaker, I will follow your lead into battle. You be the tip of the spear. From your shadow I will strike. Are you with me?”

The Doors Burst Asunder

OOC: Just to clarify the math. If 3-4 characters aid, and the challenge for that skill fails, then all 4 aiders lose -1 from any random skill stat and the main character loses -2 from any randomly chosen skill stat until the end of the adventure. Correct? Also, if the challenge fails, can the character retry that same skill, or is it entirely out of play?

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: Correct. On a failure, each player rolls for their own skill to be affected. As there are 17 key skills, roll 1d20, re-rolling if an 18-20 is rolled, then count down the alphabetical list. The character cannot retry a skill if it fails.

The Doors Burst Asunder

OOC: How long would it take Felsmon to get out of his plate armor? About the same amount of time for Z’alden’s skill challenge? How long should it take Felsmon to put it back on?

The Doors Burst Asunder

DM: Removing or Putting on a suit of armor always takes at least 5 minutes. (PHB 212)
Possibly related information: There are less than 5 minutes left on Z’alden’s mental timer.

The Doors Burst Asunder
rplayer gorthmog

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