Campaign of the Month: March 2009

Denizens of the Nentir Vale

That's What It Said

The gigantic monster expands and, if possible, becomes even more terrifying, creating a 60’ thick ring of lightning.
“Inconceivable!” shouts Erik.
Tira moves far away, “Dear God, what is that thing?”
Only Barrick seems unphased, “Evil, pure and simple from the Eighth Dimension!”
The creature, now a Void Lord, blasts out at his foes, dazing everyone but Tira, the only one at a safe distance. Seeing her friends injured, Tira panics for a second, “That’s it, man. Game over, man! Game over!”
Z’alden briefly considers trying to banish the Lord from our plane, stepping forward and saying, “I order you to cease any, and all, supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin, or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension.” But knowing the magic would fail, he simply swings his trusty mace, making contact, but doing little damage.
Rift, knowing that Tira needs to get in closer to use any of her powers, yells, “Just teleport.”
Tira considers, shouting back, “Well, as it turns out, teleporting isn’t a right, it’s a privilege.” But knowing she is needed, she calms her mind, teleports inside the lightning torus, and blasts the Void Lord.
The dreaded Void Lord retaliates, firing off two black balls of magic. One slams into Z’alden, doing massive damage, the other heads toward Rift, but she easily steps to the side. Recovering, Z’alden looks at Rift, wondering how she managed to avoid the blast so easily. Rift shrugs, “Basic strategy: if your enemies know where you are, then don’t be there.”
Barrick lowers his head and charges the enemy, “Ramming speed!”
Then he yells to his friend to create the ‘happy carpet of death’, “Go do that voodoo that you do so well!” Z’alden complies, not because he was asked, but because Z’alden knew he was hurt and hurt badly.
Rift suddenly comes up with a great idea, she uses her Mage Hand spell to carry a mine over and drop it off on the dark evil Lord, “You’re entering a world of pain.” she says as she releases the mine. It explodes, doing massive damage.
Erik switches to his bow and taunts the Lord as he hits with a couple shots, “I’ve known sheep that could outwit you!”
The taunting seems to only infuriate the Void Lord, but he does not strike back at Erik, instead he blasts Z’alden. Z’alden falls to the ground, dead. But thanks to the happy carpet, Z’alden’s eyes flutter and no sooner than dying, Z’alden returned to the land of the living. He takes a big breath and mutters, “The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.”
Seeing Z’alden die and return forces Tira to rethink their current strategy, she steps through the barrier and attempts to fire a shot back at the dark beast. The chaos bolt hits the barrier and fizzles away into nothing, “What a pisser.”
Erik looks at Z’alden lying on the ground, “You look like Hell.”
“Yeah, I just got back.” Z’alden replies wryly.
Erik motions to Barrick, using quick hand signals to ask if Barrick will charge as Erik shoots more arrows. As he braces himself for impact Barrick replies, “We can do that. We don’t even have to have a reason.”
Tira suddenly comes up with a great idea, “At my signal, unleash hell.” She rubs the circlet on her head and a red dragon suddenly appears underneath her. Laughing at the Lord, she flies above the dreaded circle of lightning. “Never give up! Never surrender!”
Rift looks over at Z’alden, “Don’t you go dying on me!”
“I’ve been dead once, already. It’s very liberating.” Z’alden replied.
Rift again uses her Mage Hand to drop another mine on the Void Lord, this time parts of its armour break off in the blast. Rift laughs at it, “Ouchtown, population you, bro!”
Tira senses the tide of the battle has shifted, what just moments before seemed like utter doom, now seemed quite winnable, “How many times in battle have we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat?” Tira waves her wand and magically switches places with the Lord, sending it up 40 feet into the air.
With the damaging lightning also up in the air, Barrick uses the brief calm to inspire the rest of the party, “Failure is not an option.”
Feeling energized, Rift asks Tira a question, “What’s the shortest distance between two points?”
“A straight line.” Tira answers with a question in her voice.
“Wrong. The shortest distance between two points is zero.” Rift creates an Arcane Gate between her current location and a spot near the steps of the temple. Stepping through she quickly reaches the massive door. But before she can open it, the previously immobile Plague Demons come to life. One attacks Rift whilst the other uses the gate Rift just created.
Z’alden heals again and stands up, ready for more action. Erik nudges Barrick and whispers, “He’s all bright, and shiny, and new again, just in time for the Dark Lord.” Just as the words leave his mouth the Void Lord falls and teleports near the group, blasting everyone but Rift.
“We seem to be made to suffer. It’s our lot in life.” Z’alden shakes his head as he is injured again. He attacks once, hitting the evil being, then also steps through the gate. Tira quickly follows, with Erik and Barrick right behind her.
Rift thinks briefly about trying to magically unlock the door, but then just reaches forward and tries it. It opens without resistance. Rift is surprised, but only a little, “Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.” she says with a smirk. Even though a wall of fog prevents her from seeing inside, she steps through.
Tira shrugs and steps through after, “Here’s to the fear of being trapped.” She says to no one in particular.
Erik motions to Z’alden, “Very dangerous. You go first.”
Inside the party is stunned to find a chess set in the middle of an empty room, the pieces all being larger than Barrick. Five squares on the adventurers side of the board are empty. Erik gasps, “We have to play our way across the room.”
After resting for a few minutes, the party take up the five spots on the board and wait. The knight on the other side magically moves forward, the game is on. The group plays well and wins the game, but at the cost of losing Erik and Z’alden.
As the game ends, a teleportation circle appears in the center of the room. Tira laughs, “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?”” She nods at her friends. With no idea where it leads nor where their friends are, the remaining members decide to jump on the circle together. They end up in a room in the East tower, completely ransacked. With nowhere to go, they all settle down and rest for many hours, trying to regain as much power as they can. Rift, awaking first, begins to explore the room, finding a trap door in the floor. Below is a dank musty passage. “Who wants to go down the creepy tunnel inside the tomb first?”
Dropping down into the dusty caves, they ponder whether to explore downward or upward. Barrick kicks the hard rock floor, “Can you dig it?” he asks rhetorically, shaking his head. Upward the party goes
Soon they come across an Eladrin skeleton, wearing a hood, sitting in an old chair, and holding a parchment. Rift casts Speak with Dead. The skeleton begins to speak in a raspy voice, “I’ve just experienced some very unreasonable things.” It speaks as if it does not know how long it has been dead. It goes on to mention one Kaelthas Sunstrider and a key to the depths below. He then asks for the head of a demon, then stops speaking. Rift is happy with the information she gained, “I’m rapidly becoming a big underground success.”
The rest of the party groans at her attempt at humour, but then also fall silent as they ponder their next move, streaks of crimson and crystal slowing moving through Z’alden’s and Erik’s bodies.


Congratulations adventurers! You have slain a horde of Fel-Touched hobgoblins, nearly defeated a Void Reaver which became a terrifying Void Lord, and have won a game of wizard’s chess against Illidan Stormrage. You have gained 5960 XP each for your efforts, bringing you to a total of 77357 each. You now find yourselves in an ancient tunnel system? Fortress? Temple? beneath the towers above.
What do you do?

That's What It Said

Z’alden stares at the skeleton and then his eyes get wide. “The head of a demon? Now, this is a skeleton I could get along with!” He motions the party back to the ruined room. “First, though, I think a few minutes searching these tomes more thoroughly for a ritual that might help this Abyssal Plague could be time well spent.”

Z’alden tries to enlist Rift and Tira to also search the books, hoping to find some useful rituals. Z’alden is willing to search for 30 minutes. Do they have any luck?

That's What It Said

After we search the books, Rift ponders the next move. “Down further into the catacombs, my friends?”

That's What It Said

Tira combs the books, along with Z’alden and Rift, pausing to memorize a recipe for Umber Hulk Jerky she found scribbled in the margin of a book about the stars, “Really? Cinnamon and dill?”

Hoping to find some bad thing closer to her size than the Void Lord, Tira is more than ready to explore the dark dusty low tunnels below.

That's What It Said

Searching beneath every crevice, inside every barrel, and inside of every book, you eventually find a:
Scroll of Forestall Plague
This scroll makes a single disease currently afflicting you forestalled. When a disease is forestalled it can no longer get worse and you no longer roll checks at the end of each day for said disease.

That's What It Said

“Friends, I know that I am affected by the Abyssal Plague. This scroll will delay its effects. But, perhaps I can withstand those effects better than another who is affected. Erik, mayhap we should use this scroll on you? If your sword blows and arrow’s accuracy become less effective, we are all in danger. Erik, I propose we use the scroll on you.”

The cleric turns and thinks,“We went one way down into the catacombs and found the Eldarin spirit who bargained for the head of a demon in return for a key of some sort. To obtain that key, I think we need to search this level to find a demon and ask politely to ‘borrow’ its head,” he smirks, " to show the Eladrin spirit and obtain the key. Of course, if the foul creature won’t allow us to borrow it, we will have to claim it by right of virtue – our having much and its having none."

“Elsewise, we could try to take the key directly. But, borrowing the head of demon could be a fine way to spend a few hours and honor the Great Dragon.”

“Or, we can descend again and see what other tunnels we find. I am open to all three. The spirit has no right to make demands of us, but satisfying his demand is such a pleasant and good thing to do.”

“Which course would you choose?”

That's What It Said

“Thank you noble cleric for your offer to forsake the scroll that could forestall the wretched plague we’ve both been afflicted with. My endurance is strong and I feel that I can withstand this disease, but in this I will trust in your wisdom and do as you see best”.

Erik’s mood lifts and he picks up some rubble the size of a small head. Speaking to it eye to eye as though it was a demon’s head, he says, “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.” Erik chuckles. “I always wanted to say that.”

That's What It Said

“Most excellent ranger, you are too kind. Such a gift cannot be refused, lest I dishonor the giver. I will attempt the Forestall scroll.”

Z’alden takes the scroll and begins to read the incantation. But, does he have the knowledge to make it work?

That's What It Said

Z’alden voices the incantation and a blueish light washes over him. The disease is now forestalled. The disease will stay at its current level of no effect until it is removed with remove affliction or another similar ritual.

That's What It Said
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