Campaign of the Month: March 2009

Denizens of the Nentir Vale

Scene 8: The Colossus Stirs

Fighting into the Tomb

OK everyone, get in your places. Would someone put a little more blood on We’s left wing? Great. You, re-light the flaming sphere.

Denizens; Act 3; Scene 8; Take 1 [clack]

And, ... Action!

We: Fear is what We shall have to slake our appetites tonight!

Erik: Not if we have anything to say about it!

Erik looks expectantly at the flaming sphere. We transfers the damage of the sphere to Myself. Erik looks at Rift and sighs, Tira shakes her head.

Barrick leaps into battle, axe held high.

We: I hate Myself!

Cut! We, what are you doing? Do not attack Myself, absorb him! Can’t you read you pathetic fool! And I want to see some anguish, like that of a tiger eating her young. [Sigh] Let’s try it again, from where we left off. Where is my assistant? Torgog!

[Panting] Sorry sir, I was trying to get that drink you wanted.

Torgog, don’t make me hurt you again; or at least not more than usual.

Yes sir! Denizens; Act 3; Scene 8; Take 2 [clack]

And, ... Action!

We grabs Myself pulling him into his body.

We: Now I shall become stronger as you become weaker! [Laughs]

Myself explodes, dazing most of the party.

Me flies in and begins close combat.

Tira kills I.

We: You can never defeat me! I can restore me at the expense of Me!

We absorbs Me and heals noticeably.

Barrick uses Dizzying Blow very effectively.

Cut! Torgog! This is dragging on, not one of them is bloodied yet. Barrick was supposed to miss with that blow; what in the 6th plane is going on here?!

Sir, they seem to be improvising.

No deviating from the script! I swear I’ll eat the lot and start over if I have to.

But, Sir!

Bring the roof down, maybe being crushed will snap them back into shape!

Yes sir. Denizens; Act 3; Scene 8; Take 3 [clack]

And, ... Action!

Tira: Everyone look out, the cave is collapsing!

Rocks fall on Tira and kill her.

Cut! Torgog, what happened? The script calls for Tira to die in the cave-in, not Sid! Why is Sid dead? Find the prop guy and fire him! I want the flesh burning off his bones for at least a week! Listen, I still need We. Torgog, if We dies you die. Update the script as needed to ensure this happens.

And, ... Action!

We is surrounded.

We: [Sneering] Don’t you know that We are immortal?

We tries to flee by flying into the air.

Rocks fall: Many are hurt, Erik sustains a critical hit.

Prescott: I have a plan, Rift, I’ll need your support. This is crazy enough that it just might work.

Prescott teleports into the air to flank We with the spider. Prescott deep cuts We, then falls. Rift casts Feather Fall; Prescott wafts gently to the ground.

As the party congratulates each other, We flies away into the dark.


Cut! Very nice Torgog, give them a little boost of confidence, that will make the pain that much better at the end. Change sets! Let them find the treasure, but make one of them stupid enough to hurt themselves in the process.

And, ... Action!

Tira enters small room.

Tira: Hey, I found something. And there is silver coating the wall, but I would not touch it.

Rift: Oh come on, take some silver, what’s the worst that could happen?

Erik follows Rifts suggestion and scrapes some silver off a carving on the wall. Erik is blasted by energy, taking necrotic damage.

The party rests and finds loot; 2 bracelets and one set of bracers

Cut! I like that blast Torgog; although I would have had the ranger lose an arm.

But sir, if he loses an arm he cannot do the attacks that he will need to do a few scenes from now to get the group past that one nasty.

Ah yes, I got wrapped up in the moment; very good. Change sets! Torgog, I liked the necrotic energy blast, can you write in a couple more?

Of course, sir.


Denizens; Act 3; Scene 8; Take 4 [clack]

And, ... Action!

The party moves to the entrance of the larger building.

Rift: This door is sealed by many wards. I cannot get through them myself, I must have help.

The party fumbles and necrotic energy bursts forth, sapping healing energy from everyone.

Torrock: Let me have the key, I know I can use it to get us past this door.

Torrock fails, another explosion of necrotic energy strips vitality from almost everyone.

The party finally opens the door and enters, the room appears barren.

Tira: This smells familiar. Everyone in, then let’s close the door.

Everyone in. Door closes.

Cut! Well done with the blasts Torgog. But, you fool, Tira was not there the last time the door needed to be closed. If I catch one more blunder like this you will lose your wings, again.

My mistake sir! [cowering] Should we reset the memories and do it again?

No, but do not fail this way again! Set change, enhance the room!

Denizens; Act 3; Scene 8; Take 5 [clack]

And, ... Action!

Tira: Ooh, look at those gems inset in the floor, I want the rubies.

Barrick: Hold a minute there, I think I saw movement in those dwarf statues.

Erik: The wall, the wall! I saw the wall move!


The dwarf statues attack the party. Half the party works on the magical locks covering the door and the gems, the others easily dispatch the statues.

Statues: [Dying gasps] You are in the Tomb of Laarn. He has created a colossus made of 100 tieflings. Separate the colossus from the source. Make the colossus fight against itself. It is the only way.

Two wraiths appear.

Rift unlocks door. Tira unlocks floor plate. Torrock opens floor plate. Erik presses gems in the proper order. The stairway to Laarn appears.

A wraith weakens Tira

Tira fights back and causes one wraith to lose its half damage resistance.

Rift kills a wraith. Tira kills the other wraith.

Cut! Bloodied it says, bloodied! And how many of you are bloodied? None! Next time try to follow your parts as written or I will flay you alive! Do we need to start over and shoot the scene again?!

Sir, I hate to interrupt, but if you keep erasing their memories how can they follow their parts?

Look Torgog, I care not what they think they know. I spent a lot of time setting all of this up and there is no way the proper final act will be reached if they do not follow my plan.

But sir, they are not even aware they are playing parts for you; they think they are living the roles.

As it should be. Scripted fear is much less enjoyable than the real thing, I want the terror at the end to be as nourishing as possible. [Sigh] I am tiring, let’s see if we can finish this scene without more mistakes from these idiots. Or you.

Denizens; Act 3; Scene 8; Take 6 [clack]

And, ... Action!

The party descends the stairs, the wall passes overhead.

Erik and Barrick try to open the massive door. They fail. Tira and Rift try to open the door. They succeed.

The party enters the Tomb.

The party sees the colossus.

Colossus: [Chuckles inaudibly]

Cut! Acceptable, for the moment. But now I tire, I must feed; bring me Surina.

Right away my Lord!



Erik stares at this foe, realizing that, in the excitement before the wraiths, in front of the necrotic door, he never mentioned to anyone how he had seen Lacertils’ footprints heading towards the curtained area. Now may not be the best to time to mention that, he broods.

He then notices that the Colussus is surrounded by an aura of flames.

The Colossus steps forward one staff length, leaving just one staff length beyond the Tomb door unoccupied. Many voices speak at once, creating an eerie, reverbating effect: “Flee now, puny mortals. The Tiefling Emperor will not be disturbed. Not now. Not ever.”

A fiery explosion rips from the Colossus’ mouth, blasting over the whole party. Tira and Prescott’s quick reflexes are able to dodge the burning orange and red flames. The remainder are not so lucky, taking 15 hp of damage. Several faces appear on the suit. “Roasted dragonborn and dwarf. It’s been a while!”

The colossus’s fiery breath smells like a rotten egg. Again it comes at the brave heroes. This time Rift is the only fortunate one to dodge. Everyone else is singed for 11 points of damage.

DM: What do you do?

He opens his mouth and dark flames erupt towards all of the adventurers.

Scene 8: The Colossus Stirs

“Ugh!” Rift shouts. “You’ve got terrible breath! Don’t you ever brush your teeth?”

She steps forward to challenge the behemoth, brandishing her staff.

Using Prestidigitation, she creates the image of a giant toothbrush, with orange and red flames on the bristles.

“Hey, who’s in charge inside there? Come now, there must be one of you who is smarter or stronger than the others. Which one is it?”

DM: Besides the “L”, is there a symbol for Lorne that we know about?

Scene 8: The Colossus Stirs

DM: No other symbols for Laarn, the Tiefling emperor. Is Rift using Bluff, Intimidate, or Diplomacy?

Scene 8: The Colossus Stirs


Scene 8: The Colossus Stirs

Rift and the others can see many faces come and go across a fiery aura that surrounds the armored colossus. But, she receives no reply from her diplomatic taunt.

Scene 8: The Colossus Stirs

Initiative order:













Scene 8: The Colossus Stirs
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