Campaign of the Month: March 2009

Denizens of the Nentir Vale

Into the Shadowhaunt

DnD 4e Game Day at Time Warp Comics, Boulder, Colorado

Here is my post to the DnD 4e forum

I just finished DM’ing for the D&D Game Day at our local comic book store. We had 14 people show up, and with only 2 DM’s, it was exciting! The other DM is currently in a 3.5e campaign, so he took all of the more experienced players.

We took a poll in my group. When was the last time you played D&D, and which edition?

  • Me (the DM) – 20 years ago (1st ed)
  • Kelric (human fighter) – 20 years ago (1st ed)
  • Durgen (dwarf fighter) – never played before (Kelric’s 9-year old son)
  • Althaea (eladrin wizard) – 22 years ago (1st ed)
  • Evon (human cleric) – 20 years ago (1st ed)
  • Desand (half-elf rogue) – yesterday (3.5e)
  • Kathra (dwarf fighter) – yesterday (Desand’s little brother)
  • Riardon (eladrin ranger) – a year ago

Nevertheless, we just leapt right in to the “Into the Shadowhaunt” module. Needless to say, us “older” kids had a lot of catching up to do. “Healing surge?” Never heard of it. “At will powers?” Very cool. Althaea was especially pleased with the at-will Magic Missile. As the DM, I was very pleased with the streamlined rules. Just roll a d20, add some bonuses, and you’re done.

Funniest moments (spoilers):

When Riardon announced that he was the only one who hadn’t taken any damage yet. Althaea and Evon both gave me a look like, “well, DM, you can’t let that remark pass, can you?” Of course a stone statue just happened to come alive at that instant, right when Riardon’s back was turned.

Both dwarf fighters (Durgen and Kathra) tried to leap over the sarcophagi. The sarcophagi filled with flammable oil. The ones with the lanterns on top. Both dwarves rolled a natural 1 on their Athletics check. What does burning dwarf smell like?

Overall, it was a rousing success. Everyone had fun, they made it through the module alive, rescued the kids, and freed the shadow. The 4e rules worked great, especially since I only had a few days to get up to speed.

Would I do it again? Definitely – except next time I want to play.


Z’alden wants to know why he wasn’t invited to this, too.

Into the Shadowhaunt
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