Campaign of the Month: March 2009

Denizens of the Nentir Vale

But For a Single Door

Trapped between a warder and a wizard

When I, Torben Eastlander, started taking down the tale of these Nentir Vale adventurers, I knew enough to be skeptical. Now, I know enough to be intrigued. I wanted to know the ending. Maybe it would explain why Barrick the dwarf drank so much. Or why Rift the wizard had such a difficult time speaking correctly. Or why the dragonborn Paladin Felsmon spoke so little. Or why the Ranger was always ready to go. Or why the cleric of Bahamut was so fervent.

I knew that the party had already opened two doors in the top level of the Tower of Mysteries. One to the north into a huge room with Vecna’s face and hand populated by an Enigma and Norkers, and one to the east with a Warder. Rift the wizard was prone on the floor with the Warder. Felsmon the Paladin was facing him. On the western wall, the evil wizard Paldemar had opened a door, shot the adventurers with lightning, injuring several of the them, and then magically locked the door again.

I looked over at the cleric. “So, what happened next?”

The Half-Elf drained his glass of Nentir ’97. His intense green eyes seemed ready to burst. He spoke: “Looking over my shoulder, I could see Felsmon in front of the massive brutish bulk of the Warder. In front of me, I waited for that wizard’s door to open, so that I could run into the room and, then, teach him what the Dragon has in store for Evil Doers. But, at the moment, all I hoped for was access to his accursed abode. Erik planned to yell to Rift to teleport in, after he moved with his swift ranger precision and sliced that magician from end-to-end. It was not to be.”

“Yes, the door did open again. We could see Paldemar. As soon as Erik moved to attack, a magic blast tore into Erik’s mind and severed it of the very techniques he planned to use. Effectively, Erik was immobilized. But, he could still yell. So, Rift teleported away from the Warder and in with the wizard. I stepped into the room. Blam! The door slammed and locked behind us. Rift and I were trapped with Paldemar.”

The cleric paused. He looked me in the eye with such intensity that I shuddered. “Our cause was righteous. We had to stop Paldemar for bringing Vecna into this world. Already, the accursed demon Inooghu had made it in from our failure. Here we would not fail. We could not fail! I looked at Paldemar. Surrender now! I said to him, or be destroyed. He simply laughed and launched his magic at us. Rift had her own powers, though, setting him on fire with a flaming sphere and trying to grab him with the Icy Hand she learned of the great wizard Bigsby. Some of Rift’s most powerful magic – they did little to this evil spellcaster.”

“Yes, our cause was righteous, but the two of us were trapped with an exceedingly powerful wizard who had nearly laughed at our wizard’s most powerful spells. At that moment, I nearly faltered.”

The agony of the moment of doubting still haunted the cleric. I refilled his glass. The others leaned in. Could it be that the cleric had not told them of his inner turmoil, his sense of uncertainty? What had happened that had hidden these feelings from Z’alden’s close comrades? I noticed that the entire room of patrons at the inn was quiet, too. They could not help but listen to the captivating tale.

The cleric drained the Nentir ’97.

The Dwarf spoke up. “When we realized that the doors was locked with Rift and Z’alden trapped inside with Paldemar, may he rot forever, what the Z-man didn’t know was that I was shoving Norkers left and right to try and find another door. I thought Erik was coming round, too, to help me open the door I found but he was busy hammering on the first door. Then, the blasted wizard Paldemar comes out the door and slams it behind him, locking Z’alden and Rift into his stinking chambers. The wizard was there, right in front of me. I swung my axe and ripped him a new one. I rang his bell so well that he couldn’t hardly move more than a foot or two from where he was standing he was so dizzy and wounded. Never knew I could make a blow like that.”

“But Paldemar had more planned, even if he couldn’t dance around us. His little Norker buddies were taking it to the Felsmon who could barely get one thing done. A Vecna statue had rung his bell, too, and dazed him. Then, the Paladin judges this Norker and rains down Bahamut’s justice in the form of a longsword on that Norker. Trial over!”

“Paldemar had his appeal, ready though, sucking stored energy out of pillar right next to Erik and raining lightning down on Erik and me. We was hurtin’, and then we hear Felsmon around the corner roar and the Norkers shout something in triumph, may the maggots infest their mouths forever, Felsmon had dropped unconscious. Erik and I were wounded badly, Paldemar’s black breath was stinking up the place with gloating. Z-man and Rift were stuck behind the magically locked door. It was looking grim.” Barrick took a swig of his ale and shuddered remembering just how black the situation had turned.

I glanced around. The crowd was enraptured. Concern radiated on every face.

The Ranger Erik stood up from the table, “And then, you wouldn’t believe it, but I believe it because I saw it – that door opened! Rift had defeated the lock!”

Smiles and nods erupted on the crowds faces. They had been nervous.

Rift pulled back at her sleeves, “I was pretty sure I had him ready, the lock I mean, when Z’alden says ’try your small tool.’ Well, I’m a pretty big tool, girl I mean, and I don’t like interference when I’m working, a door that is, but the cleric was good, right I mean, and the door swung open!”


Erik jumps on the table, “then Paldemar tried to get another spell off and it was punch time; I punched him right in the face, even as his frost tagged Barrick. Then, I put down the bow and it was sword time right into Paldemar.” Erik looked around sheepishly and sat back down. This gave me time to get out another quill.

The group in the inn tried to look as if they were minding their own business. But, it was clear they were waiting for more of the tale.

The dwarf took another tankard of ale down in one gulp. He looked over at Z’alden. “I don’t know what we would have done if that door hadn’t open. But for that single door, we were sunk. I had seen Z’alden’s next spell before. He walked through the newly open door and, well, he calls it a prayer to Bahamut, and now I do believe in something, but I think what I believe in is Z’alden’s belief. That Platinum Dragon worshipper was a real hope-giver to us. A dragon form filled the entire space 7 staff lengths from me to where Felsmon was lying on the ground and touched all the rest of us in between. My bruises healed up, Erik’s wounds closed, and Felsmon came back around I could hear. Several of the Norkers and the Enigma, may her face fall to pieces forever, looked weaker for having been touched by that Dragon. And we were stronger.”

The dragonborn Felsmon nodded, “I was down. I was out. Darkness all around me. Light from Bahamut brought me back. I was in. I was up. My blade and shield surround me. Norkers no longer to hound me.”

“More butterbeer for the Paladin”, I cried out to the barkeep. I had not heard poetry from the reticent Paladin. Ever he continued to amaze me. And, I amazed myself. I never bought drinks for anyone. These adventurers and their spirit were getting to me.

Erik jumped up, “Then Paldemar stuck me with a clear dagger. Probably one of the two Tiefling blades we sold to Gendar. I knew that was a bad deal. The blade broke off in the wound, and I couldn’t get it out. Did that thing smart.”

Barrick nodded at the pain his friend had felt. “What was smart was the Z-man’s next spell. Suddenly, an area 3 staffs by 3 staffs surrounding Z’alden had these little dragons all over it. Erik and Z’alden are getting healed while standing on this Ground and Paldemar, may rats dance on his eye sockets, was getting bitten and clawed by these glowing dragons.”

The cleric’s eyes gleamed, “By the Claw, I had looked Paldemar again in the eyes and told him, ‘My name is Zenithar al Denithar. You have killed too much. Prepare to die.’ He said he heard that one before. I told him ‘Not from us you haven’t.’ The Consecrated Ground that Bahamut granted was even stronger than ever. Erik’s and my own wounds stitched together as the healing powers of my new Mace strengthened the Ground. Dragon’s Breath! Paldemar knew that his evil was not welcome on that sacred space. Still, he couldn’t move. He could not shake Barrick’s mighty blow.”

“With Paldemar getting it, hit I mean,” the Eladrin shook her head, maybe too much Nentir ’97, “I moved the Flaming Sphere to the Enigmas, Norkers, and Warder so that they would get some, damage I mean. Then, Felsmon, conscious again but still prone on the ground and dazed from the statue, lashed out at the Enigma next to him with his sword shouting ‘For Kengi!!’ The Enigma got some from him, damage that is, and it was too much. On his knees, Felsmon had done the Enigma, killed it I mean.”

“I think it was when Barrick’s voice rang out, ‘In this life, you’re either a hammer or an anvil, Be a Hammer!’”, Z’alden smiled remembering the Inspiration they all had received from Barrick’s leadership. “with that, Barrick charged at the Warder who had started to come over to aid his master Paldemar. The horns on Barrick’s helmet ripped into the Warder. Erik’s arrows flew at a Norker, Rift’s magic flames from the Sphere and from a huge burst around her killed a slinging Norker even as she ducked sling bullets back at her. The tide was turning until a jet of flame shot out from a giant skull at the far end of the room, scorching Barrick as the Warder slammed into him and Paldemar could concentrate enough to send lightning careening into Rift and Erik. By the Wing, I dodged that shock in time.”

The cleric drained another glass, “The battle raged. Rift’s Flaming Sphere continued to devastate the enemy, killing another Norker. Erik’s arrows scored our foes, and Barrick’s axe exacted a toll on the Warder matching brute strength with a brute strike. Paldemar remained on the consecrated ground unable to move from Barrick’s dizzying blow, and, by the Claw, he felt Bahamut’s power even as Rift’s sphere moved next to him for even more fiery pain. I turned my head and Barrick’s damages from his fight with the Warder were more severe than I realized. By the Wing, my hands were infused with a silver and purple flame and the Great Dragon restored the injured fighter, curing his serious wounds. I turned and the Warder knocked me over, even as he pounded on Erik, Barrick, and me. It was a dark moment.”

Then the Ranger stood up, “But it was go time for the Light. Felsmon came across the room, swinging his sword, straight for Paldemar. Cuts and bruises erupted on his face as his own self, his own power, was put into the blows he landed on the magic user. Felsmon’s gloves glowed with the power of the Ogres even as his sword was alight with radiance as he smited Paldemar. It was no go for Paldemar. Felsmon had killed the evil wizard!”

The entire room had been hanging on every word. Cheers erupted! More ale and wine appeared at our table as the listeners wanted to hear the very end. The adventurers could not keep it quiet any more. The cleric stood on the table even as I continued to scribble my notes of their tale.

“Master dwarf looked at the fallen body of Paldemar and stared at the remaining foes. He shouted out, and what a voice he has!, ‘ Paldemar is dead, you scum of Vecna, come and get some more!’ The remaining Norker and the Warder could not resist his taunt and came to him as he taught them a sharp lesson with axe in hand! With the Warder close by, the Ranger dropped his bow, pulled out two swords at once and leapt onto the warder as though his swords were the Jaws of the Wolf. The Warder knew what a wolf’s bite meant that time, I tell you. The last Norker erupted in flames from our wizard’s magic sphere. Only the Warder was left. Rift’s fiery magic, Erik’s swords, Barrick’s axe, and Felsmon’s blade all extracted a price from the hulking brute. By the Wing, I moved the sacred ground so that the Warder would feel Bahamut’s power, too. I myself tried to hit him with mace and dagger to no avail. But he could not withstand Bahamut. The radiant dragons clawed and bit the brute, and he too was felled! The field was ours!”

Ale tankards clinked and cheers erupted more fervently. The priest’s little sermon had cast a spell over this group. Surely, there were several new converts to Bahamut on that day.

Later in the evening, once the crowd had dispersed, I gathered the group once more. “what would have happened if that locked door hadn’t opened to Rift’s pick?”

Rift smiled ruefully. “I would have gotten it, eventually I mean, but..” Barrick interrupted her, “but by then Erik, Felsmon, and me would have been dead. I don’t believe in much, but Bahamut, may his wings beat forever, smiled on us at that moment and throughout the rest of the battle.”

“Oh, one last question”, I asked them, “In the wizard’s stronghold, did you find anything?” Rift’s eyes shone, “Oh yes, we did. Paldemar had a staff of Fiery Might that I could put to much better use than he ever did. And, the hoarding wizard had a magic axe more powerful than what Barrick was already wielding. He also had a book with rituals he wouldn’t need, since he was dead. And a magic shroud to preserve the fallen. Too late him.” The Eladrin smiled contentedly. Their hard fought victory had given the group back its verve.

I still often reflect on how so much of their adventure rested on that locked door opening at just the right time, freeing the cleric and wizard to heal the combatants and join the battle. The Fighter, Ranger, and Paladin were freed up to use their powers to exact a tremendous price from Vecna’s minions before the same could be done to them. So much can hinge on so little. Maybe this explains their peculiar behaviors. Maybe it does not. I will take them either way.

Peculiar or not, I am proud of these adventurers, I must tell all those who read this, proud for all people that such courage and determination still dwell in the Vale to protect us all from the evils that would destroy us.

Torben Eastlander


The party returns to the Seven Pillared Hall, warily retracing the route required to reach the hidden temple to Vecna. The trip back is quick and easy and soon the familiar green glow from the Pillar’s lanterns are seen. As the group steps into the Hall, an Ordinator moves out of the shadows to face the party, it is if he had been waiting there. He speaks immediately forgoing any pleasantries, “The mages recently felt something best described as a ‘decrease.’ We can tell that Paldemar is no longer one of us. Do you have any information on this change? Perchance has Paldemar fled the mountain for good? What news do you have?”

But For a Single Door

Felsmon turns to the mage and says, “My companions and I killed Paldamar, but I struck the killing blow.” OOC. Any word on XP yet?

But For a Single Door

Rift turns to the ordinator, and explains more carefully. “It was exactly as you had feared. Paldemar had indeed turned to evil. He had become a worshiper of Vecna.”

She shows the mage the evil hand & eye statues. “This was but some of the evil symbols we found. In the Tower of Mysteries, we first found a strange machine, where Paldemar was trying to combine magic and machinery. In it were the severed heads of several warders. We destroyed the machine, and Paldemar appeared. He cursed us and told us we would all die.”

“Then, in the final floor of the tower, Paldemar attacked us. He was joined by several norkers, an evil thing-whose-face-got-ripped-off, and a warder that he had bent to his control.”

“We gave him several chances to surrender, but he would not listen to reason. We were finally forced to fight him to the bitter end. We have brought his body back, in the hopes that you can give him a more peaceful rest than perhaps he deserves.”

Rift lowers her head, then motions the others to bring forth the body.

But For a Single Door

Z’alden steps forward, “My Lord Ordinator, it is as Master Paladin says. See you the parcel that Master Barrick carries? It is the lifeless body of your traitorous colleague.”

“We have destroyed a Warder under his control and many Enigmas of Vecna that served him.”

“And here is a device that the vile wizard used. It appears to be for scrying on you and the seven pillared hall.” Z’alden pulls the crystal orb out.

But For a Single Door
More butterbeer for the Paladin!
But For a Single Door

The Ordinator pauses before speaking, “It is as we feared, Paldemar had truly become evil. Well, I thank you heartily for rooting out this information and ending it as you did. You are all to be commended, Paldemar was the youngest, and least experienced of us, but he was very crafty. As a reward I can offer you this, may it aid you in future quests.” He raises an arm and holds out a star hanging on a silvery chain (a +2 Resilience Amulet):

With a wave of his other arm he continues, “In addition, I release you from your bond not to speak of this place. I ask that you do not spread word of our little enclave with abandon, but rather attempt to keep us secret, speaking of this Hall only to those you deem worthy. This Hall may need repopulating later.”

DM: Experience points are also given for completing a major quest. Total to be posted later, you are still 7th level.

“We, unfortunately, were able to verify your story on the release of Yeenoghu. A small party just returned from the labyrinth, they reported that the demon prince appeared, ranted about needed sustenance, and took one of their members, vanishing without a trace. As powerful as you must feel right now, I would suggest you wrap up your affairs here and return to the Vale. The other Ordinators and myself have begun to set up forces to deal with him. You cannot help us and your presence could be used against us. Again, thank you for what you have done, we hope the future finds you happy.”

And with that, the Ordinator turns away in his usual end-of-conversation manner, and glides off into the Hall.

But For a Single Door

Rift mutters to herself, “pompous rear-end-of-a-basilisk…”

“Let’s go collect the former prisoners and depart! Erik, will you guide us along our trek?”

But For a Single Door

The Ordinator stops, turns around, and glides back, his hood facing Rift. “I heard that.” Faster than one would expect the Ordinator snatches the orb from Z’alden’s hand. “You may not keep this.” Again, the Ordinator turns away in his usual end-of-conversation manner, and glides off into the Hall.

But For a Single Door

Just before he glides off, Z’alden says,”Lord Ordinator, thank you. I had hoped to use the scrying device to show a friend that our story of a hall with Minotaurs is true. Of course it is perfectly reasonable that it cannot be kept for such a base use. Could provide some small token that would serve as a reminder of our time here where minotaurs once dwelt?”

But For a Single Door

The Ordinator stops and turns around, but does not move back closer to the party, “We do not want the existence of this Hall to be widely known. Physical proof of an ancient minotaur city would create visions of treasure hoards and this place would quickly become overrun with inept seekers unable to defend themselves in the depths of the Labyrinth. We have taken great measures to keep this Hall as it is. Allowing you to speak of this place and trusting you to restrain yourselves is the most I will do.” Again, the Ordinator turns away in his usual end-of-conversation manner, and glides off into the Hall.

Brugg pokes his head out of the customhouse, points at Barrick, and yells in a gruff voice, “Hey, we don’t need none more dead bodies in here. Leave your baggage elsewhere!” He slowly returns to the inside of the small building, eyes remaining on you as he fades out of sight.

But For a Single Door

After the Ordinator leaves, Felsmon says,”Could I have the Resilience Amulet?” Then he starts humming a random song.

But For a Single Door

Z’alden frowns at the body of Paldemar. “Let us take this baggage to the cleric. She will have the proper rites for it. Barrick, perhaps you and I can take it.”

“I would like to stay in the Hall 2 nights. Tonight, we celebrate! After the celebration, Rift, I will tend to your disease throughout the night. Before I can travel again, I will need to rest after your healing.”

_OOC: DM, do I have that right on the healing for the disease (+11 Heal)? _

“After our celebration, we should divide up some of our treasure, we have a 10 platinum pieces, 1000 gold pieces, and a jeweled necklace, a jeweled bracelet, and onyx statue of which we have no idea of the value. Perhaps we should find a private room to divide up some of these treasures? Mayhap we could give some of this treasure to the poor villagers so that they can begin to repair their lives.”

But For a Single Door

DM: Yes, If Z’alden attends to Rift during an extended rest, Z’alden makes a Heal check (+11) instead of Rift’s endurance check. With Z’alden’s +11, Rift cannot get worse, and a roll of 5 or more will fully heal Rift, giving her back her lost healing surge (1-4 maintains the current state of the disease). Note: if the healing fails, neither Rift nor Z’alden will be able to try again for another 14-16 hours.

But For a Single Door

So, we go back to the Halfmoon Inn, rest and party for two days. Then, assuming all is well, we set off with the prisoners to escort them back to the Harkenwold. How do we fare?

But For a Single Door

Erik dreams of blue skies with white clouds, the crisp mountain air and cold mountain streams. It seems so long since he has inhaled fresh air. The dark, enclosed halls of the labyrinth and chambers have worn on him. Soon he will be free of the pressure they exert.

While Z’alden attempts to heal Rift, Erik wanders about the Seven Pillared Hall, stopping in the shops, looking for things to buy.

DM, do Gendar and the other merchants have anything of interest, such as whetstones, potions, etc.?

But For a Single Door

Backing up:

The party drops off the body and returns to the Halfmoon Inn. Upon entering the Inn the Harkenwoldians besiege you. “Good, you’re back!” “It is time to leave and go home!” “We are sick of sitting around here!”

Sosario quiets the group and speaks, “I am glad to see you back alive. I do not know your plans, but I must say that this time I agree with my friends, it is time for us to leave. A party just came through here, speaking of how a demon snatched away one of their members. I can only assume it is the same demon that took my Nadia, and that it is now loose and heading this way. There may be more that you want to do, but I doubt you can convince us to stay any longer. We have asked around and explored a bit, leaving here will be easy, and we are prepared to do it alone if need be. If you are also leaving for the Harkenwold, we would like to travel with you, but we do not want to stay trapped underground, away from our homes, any longer. It is time to rebuild our lives.” Sosario looks at you, waiting for your response.

But For a Single Door

Using his best diplomancy, Z’alden says, “My friends, let us be off first thing tomorrow. My comrade here is in ill health. I must use my healing powers to tend to her. If the duergar from whom we freed you are looking for you, you will not have an easy time at all leaving and will find that your number is greatly reduced. Your good friend Murkelmor probably wants revenge and wants you back. I would not have you leave here even less in number. I would also that we have some gold to provide you to help with restarting your lives. Let us see what we can provide for you when you are home.”

“Rest up tonight. We have a long journey ahead.”

But For a Single Door

The group looks angry and begins stirring. Sosario shakes his head slowly, “Tomorrow? When is tomorrow? In 24 hours, or in 24 minutes? Who can tell without a sun.” Sosario voice begins to rise as irritation seeps to the surface. “And she does not look ill at all! You have been off exploring and fighting deadly battles, not something a sick girl would normally do. If she can survive fighting a demon and whatever you just came from, she can certainly survive another 12 hours whilst we get out of here! I asked around, it is a few miles down to the trade road, and then a little more than half a day to Raven Roost. Come with us and you can rest there tonight. I can get old Bernath to give us free rooms for the night. There is no reason why we need to spend another night in this cave when a perfectly friendly inn, underneath a real sky, awaits!” Sosario is now breathing hard and the rest of the Harkenwoldians are nodding eagerly.

Seeing Enna in the corner of the room listening, Sosario takes a deep breath and addresses her, “No disrespect intended against this most welcome inn, milady.” Enna smiled back and nodded, but did not reply.

DM: There is still 11 hours to go before you can begin your next extended rest.

But For a Single Door

Rift nods at Sosario. “You have suffered much. I am sick in the body, but it is nothing compared to what you have all faced.”

She then looks around at her comrades. “Come, let us get out of this accursed hall, before any more ordinators pop out from hiding.”

Unless there are objections, we quickly gather our meager belongings, toss Enna 20 gp for her troubles, and set off for the Raven Roost inn.

But For a Single Door

Z’alden glares at Sosario. “Rift is very brave, and is certainly not an ordinary girl. Since she is willing to go, let us be off. Bahamut and the gods will decide what she can and cannot survive.”

Z’alden goes over to Enna, “Thank you again for your hospitality and for caring for these villagers. Is there anything else you would like in return for that care?”

Z’alden will give whatever she asks up to 40 gp and offers her 10 gp for future caring for these in need.

But For a Single Door

Enna replies to Z’alden, “No trouble at all, not one physical fight in the group, a rarity for a set this large.” She pauses, eyes drifting upward as she calculates the final tally, “I believe 6 gold should cover everything for you and your charge. Good luck wherever your future lies. May your coffin be made of 100 year old oak, from a tree that is yet to be planted.”

With a resounding cheer from the Harkenwoldians, the party gathers all its items, says farewell to Enna and Rendil, and heads out the Road of Lanterns. It is approximately mid day when the party emerges, squinting into the bright sunlight with eyes now unaccustomed to the light. The group rests but for a minute, breathing in fresh air, the scent of fir trees wafting up from the plains below.

Energized by the sunlight, and the beginning of the journey home, the Harkenwoldians march at a rapid pace. The path is dry and the trip goes smoothly. Around 4pm Erik, walking in the lead, holds up a hand, “Quiet everyone!” Everyone freezes, and a look of panic appears on the farmer’s faces, knowing what might be in store if re-capture occurs. A minute later Erik motions that he is going off trail by himself. The party waits. The party waits. Erik returns, “I found a few tracks, very recent, but they disappeared into a small stream. There may be something following us, or just a curious wanderer. Either way, we should keep our eyes open.”

The lights from small burg of Raven Roost appearing over a rise just as the sun dips below the horizon. Leading the way, Sosario quickly brings the party to The Raven’s Roost, the only inn in Raven Roost. Bernath’s eyes widen as the group enters, hugs abound and more than a single tear was shed as the group all tries to detail their past many days, including the death of two. Rooms are provided for all, and despite their desire to return home, the Harkenwoldians happily stop for the night, knowing the return home is only a few morning hours away.

DM: The party may now rest for the night. Sosario and his friends will continue in the morning. The Harkenwold, and the Baron, are approximately one day’s journey away, should the party wish to go with the farmers.

But For a Single Door

Erik savors the coziness of The Raven’s Roost. The normal is now a delight, from the smell of fresh baked bread to moonlight shining through a cracked window. Before bed, Erik strolls around the village. He stares up at the stars which appear brighter than ever before. He wants to get lost in his thoughts but he remembers the tracks that were found earlier in the day. After a quick glance over his shoulder, Erik opens the inn’s well worn, friendly door – the sound of slumber beckons him to join. Tonight he will allow himself to rest. The next adventure can wait until tomorrow.

DM: What kind of tracks did Erik spot? Were they humanoid? Boot? Paw? Size and weight? How many?

But For a Single Door

DM: Humanoid boot tracks, smallish size and weight, possibly two sets of tracks. Best guess: halfling(s).

But For a Single Door

“Harkenwoldians, I would see my homeland with you and return you safely to the Baron. We will journey with you.” Z’alden finally relaxes for a few hours, until it is time to tend to Rift. Then, he uses herbs and unguents to cure the disease from the rats.

But For a Single Door

The night passes uneventfully, everyone sleeps quite soundly.
DM: Z’alden: roll for your Healing check to see if Rift is indeed cured.

But For a Single Door

Z’alden works hard throughout the night to heal Rift. He appears to be successful, at least improving her.

_OOC: I rolled a 15 (witnessed by wife!) + 11 = 26. _

But For a Single Door

OOC: who has the magic gems from ?

But For a Single Door

_OOC: Was there any issue with Felsmon taking the amulet of resilience? Does anyone not have a neck slot item? _

But For a Single Door

[OOC: Erik has the Cinnabar solitaire. All things being equal, I don’t mind if Felsmon takes the amulet of resistance. Erik’s fortitude, reflex and will are currently 20, 19, and 17 (including the plus from a +1 Brooch of No Regrets). I think he’s fine. Does anyone have low scores?]

But For a Single Door

Z’alden’s ministrations work as intended; Rift goes through a painful two hours, but comes out of it fully healed (Rift gains back her lost healing surge). As day breaks, the party awakes, fully rested, Z’alden excepted.

DM: Note: Z’alden can still take an extended rest at any time, he does not need to wait 12 hours.

The Harkenwoldians are up with the sun, ready to depart and joyous about the soon-to-be reunions. Even Sosario, about to return to an empty home, seems happier that he has since being rescued. Seeing the first of the party in the common room he strides forward, “A morning such as this puts hope back in my heart. Let us be off! We have homes awaiting!”

But For a Single Door

Rift stretches and yawns. “Z’alden, my friend, I thank you for your ministrations. I feel like a new eladrin!”

“Let us be off, and see you all returned safely to your homes.”

After settling our bill, and gathering all our belongings, we set off to return the villagers to their homes and see the Baron. Assuming we get out the front door, we go carefully, with our brave friend Erik guarding our path and watching for enemies.

But For a Single Door

The party gathers and head southward, smiles abounding in the morning sun. Spirits are high and the trip is easy. The Harkenwoldians, obviously happy to be in familiar territory, miss no chance to describe every notable feature you pass, ”... and it was under that tree that Armando and Willa …” “Hey Darwin! Continue that story and I’ll tell the one about you filching Mara’s ale.” [Laughter from all]

Coming around a hillside, the hamlet of Harkenwold comes into view. Around the road, at the edge of town, it seems that every town member has gathered. Seeing the party come into view, people from both sides start running toward each other. Hugs, tears, questions and answers flying everywhere.

After greeting each and every rescued prisoner, the Baron strides up to the adventurers, “You are the heroes of the hour? Well met, my new friends! For everyone here, I thank you heartily. When you have time, in an hour or so, come to my house, on the east side of town, I am sure we have things to discuss.”

Without waiting for your response, the Baron turns and holds up his arms, “Everyone! Everyone! Hold your celebrations for a few minutes, these are the brave folks that rescued many of those that were taken from us. I would have you hear the story.” The crowd cheers loudly, then an expectant hush falls as people jostle for better views. He turns to the adventures, “If you would be so kind, could you give us a brief description of the events that unfolded, including,” his tone drops, “The loss of two of ours?” He waves an arm out to the crowd, expecting at least one of you to step forward.

But For a Single Door

Erik steps forward to speak.

“After last seeing you here, we retraced the Bloodreaver gang’s trail north, through the Harken Forest to Thunderspire Mountain. It was within that mountain’s labyrinths that we followed another trail – a trail of criminals who would trade the lives of the Harkenwoldian captives for perhaps a mere satchel of coins. Once the Bloodreavers were defeated in their hideout, we discovered that the kidnappings were actually controlled by a group of Duergar dwarves who were holding your countrymen in their garrison.”

“The Duergar’s evil and disregard for life was as striking as the poison quills with which they defended themselves. Many battles in quick succession lead us to the captives, who were being held in a pit guarded by the evil dwarves and devils. Our good master dwarf, Barrick, suffered mightily in the rescue, being knocked unconscious no fewer than three times. Our fate seemed to be to perish in that awful place, but as our fortune would have it, we managed to escape the Duergar stronghold along with all of the captives. Except two. Sosario’s wife, Nadia, and one other.”

“These two had already been transferred from the Duegar to Maldrick Scarmaker. This most evil gnoll’s obsession in his cursed life was to bring the demon prince Yeenoghu, lord of all gnolls, into this material plane. To do that, he needed to sacrifice innocent lives. This was the fate of your two countrymen. Within the labyrinth we found an ally. Her name was Surina. This dragonborn’s mission was to defeat the evil gnolls and so she joined our five to make six. She fought many battles along side us, as one of us. In the final battle to rescue Nadia and others, we were unable to stop Maldrick’s demonic ritual, despite engaging him directly. It was almost as if there was nothing we could do to stop the sacrifices. I am not a believer in fate, but this seemed pre-ordained. With the ritual complete, Yeenoghu appeared before us briefly, but with enough time to snatch our companion Surina and pull her into his demonic world. Maldrick tried to flee, but we cut him down. Our small reward.”

“By this time we had also learned that Maldrick Scarmaker was in league with a powerful mage called Paldemar. To complete our retribution for the loss of Nadia and the others who were sacrificed, we stormed Paldemar’s chambers and sought justice. He would have none of it and so there was a great battle, which was barely won, but won in full. Having righted the wrongs that we could, we stand before you now.”

“Many a hardship we did endure and proud of our accomplishments we are, but we still grieve for those that were lost.”

With this, Erik steps back in line with his friends.

But For a Single Door

For the space of many heartbeats, no sound is heard from the townsfolk. Sosario breaks the silence, “I can personally vouch for much of the story, and from what we saw and heard under the mountain I have no doubt that no exaggeration is being given here today. These men, and lady, are true heroes. Were my heart not so heavy from the loss of my dear Nadia, I would host a week-long celebration for them.”

The Baron steps up, “Again, I thank you for restoring some peace to our village. I sense the people are not yet finished in draping due praise on you, but when you can, please come to my house, I have some business I would like to discuss with you.”

For the next hour or so, is seems that every person in the town wants to hear each of the stories, individually. After a while, even the highest accolades begin to wear thin. Making their way out of the crowd, the party goes to the Baron’s modest house.

Opening the door himself, he ushers the five inside. “I will cut to the quick. I do not know if you have heard, but I had posted an offer of 1,000 gold for anyone that could rescue the 12 taken from us. You have returned 10, but I feel that the loss of the two was not something you could have easily prevented, indeed it sounds as if you put yourselves in mortal peril in your attempts to find everyone alive. For that I am grateful.” Reaching behind a desk, he pulls out a sack of coins and hands it over, “Here is the full 1,000. I do hope it comes to good use through you. You are welcome to spend the night at the Slaughtered Lamb here in town if you wish. I hope if we ever meet again, it will be on terms without a death involved.”

But For a Single Door

“Well said, Master Ranger, well said,” Z’alden warmly bows his head as he moves forward. “You have now heard the full tale. My fellow Harkenwoldians, I still grieve for my village that was destroyed by orcs these many years, not that far from where we stand now. And we will grieve for many a day for those who were taken captive and did not return to see our homeland.”

” But, By the Wings! Let us now rejoice in those who are here, in those who have life and breath. Let us celebrate! Let us praise Sosario and all those who returned with us – let me tell you, their bravery will be the stuff of legends. These humble folk wielded the weapons of warriors and looked evil duergars and vile orcs in the eye. Listen well by the light as they tell you of their valor. They did not falter as they fought to regain their freedom! Three cheers for the Harkenwoldians who have returned – Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!”

Having used his best Diplomacy, Z’alden looks to see the effects of Erik’s and his orations.

But For a Single Door

“Baron, thank you. Here is 100 gold back. Please split it among the returned villagers. Such a sum could be just what they need to get back on their feet and makes an offering to Bahamut for this we have received.”

OOC: Z’alden is happy to either split the remaining 900 or have the 100 come out of his half. OOC: DM, feel free to delete the post above since it messes with the continuity, and Erik’s speech had already done its job.

Turning to his friends, Z’alden says, “With all that we have been through, I could use a real rest in a town such as this. Let us stay the night in the Slaughtered Lamb and give thanks for all that we have seen and survived.”

But For a Single Door

Erik nods in agreement when Z’alden offers 100 for the victims. He is willing to give up his share of that coinage since it is for a good cause.

After thanking the baron, Erik says “Yes, let’s be off to The Slaughtered Lamb for a warrior’s feast!” Erik fully intends to partake in the revelry and will buy everyone at the tavern one round of the finest Harkenwoldian ale. After days and days of rations, he is ready for the tender meat of some wild game.

DM: If possible, Erik would like to purchase some more arrows (60) and browse any interesting shops, such as a fletcher, armorer, smithy, or anyone dealing in gems or magic. Please let me know what the round of ale, serving of food and arrows cost.

But For a Single Door

DM: How big a town is Harkenwold, as big as Fallcrest? If not, Z’alden will suggest that aside from arrows, Erik do his shopping in Fallcrest, as the prices will probably be better.

But For a Single Door

The Baron gratefully accepts the 100gp, “You can be sure this will go to your intended, you are truly good folk.”

DM: Harkenwold is about half the size of Fallcrest, 500 in the town proper, with another 600 in the surrounding countryside. The town is peopled by humans, halflings, and some dwarfs. You can buy standard bows, arrows, and armour up through hide, but naught in the way of magic or lore; the smithy deals more with yoke fittings and wagon wheels than with armour or swords. Erik can buy his 60 arrows, of higher quality than he might expect here, for 2gp.

At Z’alden’s suggestion, Erik waits on purchases other than the arrows.

At your mentioning of attending a feast, the Baron invites you to a dinner held yearly in the fields on the south side of town. “The feast tomorrow can easily double as an honour dinner for the five of you. We will have a dozens of our best turkeys roasting, more pounds of mashed potatoes than a person could shake a cornucopia at, and the best pumpkin pie this side of Hyperborea.”

The revelry at the inn that night is full of cheers, loud singing, and laughter when a certain drunken dwarf accidentally singes his beard when he staggers into a sconce.

The feast the next day is equally as wondrous, it is plain that everyone is more than thankful for your presence there. At one point Rift nudges Erik and points, it seems the widow Catalina is staring a bit long at Sosario. The two friends share a smile, believing it will not be overly long that Sosario will live unattached.

As the feast winds down, and people begin to break up, clean up, and amble back to their homes, Sosario finds the group, “Thank you yet again. It seems I cannot stop saying that. If you ever find your way here again, be sure to stop in for a meal and a bed. Now tell me, where are you off to next?”

But For a Single Door

-It seems as though Rift had been leagues away, lost in thoughts of her Feywild home. Or perhaps it was simply too much of the flesh of the dragon turkey, or the pie made out of the fruit of the apple that weighed too heavily… It had been a good feast, but tomorrow, she knew that the struggle against the evils of the world must continue, the quest for fame and treasure. She looked around at her companions, proud of their accomplishments, and thinking of how different she was since her apprentice days in Fallcrest.

“Friends, where are we going next? Felsmon or Z’alden, did you not mention some ideas that you had for adventure?”

But For a Single Door

Z’alden looks rather sheepishly at Sosario and Rift, realizing that his tunic is stained with a bit of wine. He wipes it and then smiles, “I for one would like to return to Fallcrest. I am in need of components for healing. Then, I would like to go to Winterhaven and visit with our friends there. This feast has put me in mind to contact old friends and give thanks that we yet live and move and breathe!”

“Tomorrow then, let us be off to Fallcrest. What say you?”

But For a Single Door

When next he can get his friends away from the crowd, Z’alden reminds each of them, “Before we left, Valthrun had told us that if we brought evidence of minotaurs then he would give us a ritual or two. I think that my magic mace and Felsmon’s magic armor, with their gems from the minotaur, will be sufficient proof of the strength of the magic that we have seen and born witness to in the Well of Demons.”

But For a Single Door

Felsmon says “I agree with Z’aldens plan, let us be of to fallcrest in twenty-and-four hours.”

But For a Single Door

The adventures spend one more night in Harkenwold, enjoying being outside again, good food, and an endless supply of praise and free ale. Come morning, Barrick stumbles into the common room of the Slaughtered Lamb and look around. He sees the Baron talking with most of his companions. Staggering over he asks as to the whereabouts of Erik. The Baron replies with a smirk, “The last I saw he wandered off with the Ingreth twins around midnight.” He looks up over Barrick’s head and nods, “Ah, there he is now.”

Together again, the party repeats one last round of thank you’s, tries to pay the tab at the inn, and heads out for familiar territory.

The group travels to Fallcrest, listens but does not overhear any news of worthy quests. Clouds on the horizon make the decision easy, the party spends the rest of the day and the night in Fallcrest.

But For a Single Door

During the evening, Z’alden asks the innkeeper of the Silver Unicorn, “The last time we were here, you gave us several good recommendations of merchants with whom to speak. I am interested in finding several different kinds of merchants. Firstly, would you know a merchant of words, a scrivener? Also, I cannot recall the time and location of the gem merchant or of anyone who would know how to value statues. Would you be so kind as to help me remember?” Z’alden gives the innkeeper 5 copper for his help.

After obtaining this information, Z’alden will taken anyone who want to go and proceed to the gem merchant to try sell the group’s several items: a jeweled necklace, a jeweled bracelet, and an onyx statue.

But For a Single Door

After the initial pleasantries, Wisara says, “For gems, you want to see Orest Naerumar; his shop is on the east wall, first building south of the Moonwash. As to an official scrivener, I know of none, nor enough interest for a need of one. But, if your task is small, you might speak with Ressilmae Starlight, the leader of the Moonsong Temple. He enjoys words and might have time for something simple. The white minarets of the temple, above the bluffs, can easily be seen from almost anywhere in the city.” “Oh, just in case you have forgotten, Teldorthan sells weapons and armour, and the Halfmoon Trading House is the place for any normal supplies one might need on the road.”

But For a Single Door

Z’alden turns to Barrick, “My friend, I have heard your songs. You would know a good storyteller from a bad one. Will you go to the Moonsong Temple and see if you can find a scrivener to hear our story? Felsmon and I are heading to Orest Naerumar’s. Let us gather tonight and see how we have fared.”

At Orest’s, Z’alden shows the jeweled necklace, the jeweled bracelet, and the onyx statue that the group had found, asks after their value and also whether Orest has acquired any components for healing potions.

But For a Single Door

Orest looks over the items, when he touches the onyx he freezes momentarily, “There is some evil in this.” He looks up at Z’alden, “I do not think I want to know where you obtained this.” He sets it down gingerly. “The necklace and bracelet are nice, I can give you 400 and 100 gold for them. This statue, I think it is rare. I am not sure of the actual worth, it could be low or could be high, ..., but I would give you 8 platinum for it.”

Barrick makes his way to the Temple and to hear Master Starlight’s response, “A scrivener? It sounds fascinating, writing of high adventure, but alas I find myself consumed in my duties as of late. Perhaps one I just met yestereve might suit your needs. His father was once a scrivener for the royal court, and he seems to be inclined in the same direction. Check at the Blue Moon, he struck me as one who likes his drink. Ask for Eastlander, Torbit I think his first name was.”

But For a Single Door

Orest digs around under the counter, moving satchels and small vials around, reading labels and occasionally sniffing an item or two. “I have,” he says standing up and placing several small parcels on the counter, “enough for 6 potions of healing. 300 gold for the lot, or 50 gold per single potion quantity.”

But For a Single Door

Erik makes his way over to Teldorthan’s to see what is available. He’s most interested in augmenting whetstones and things of that nature. Though they are very rare, Erik is always on the lookout for arrows of exceptional quality – ones that almost border on the magical.

[DM: What does Erik find in the shop?]

But For a Single Door

“Orest, thank you for your kind offer. How about 10 platinum and all of the potion components for me and the bracelet, necklace, and statue for you?” Z’alden smiles and gingerly does an Arcana check on the statue while he waits for Orest’s answer.

But For a Single Door

Z’alden’s check reveals nothing new.

Orest answers, “A few gold I might barter, but a whole platinum? Methinks you could use some training in the marketplace. The components and nine.” He straightens and crosses his arms as he speaks, his tail flicking noticeably behind.

Teldorthan grunts at Erik, “I care not for magic; bah! who needs such things. If you can drive a nail, you can kill an orc! You can drive a nail, can’t you? My wares are all of high quality, but aid you in magic ways they will not.” He waves his hand at the walls of his shop. All manors of hand-crafted armour and most normal weapons can be seen hanging in the large front room.

But For a Single Door

Z’alden nods at Orest and smiles rather sheepishly, “Ah, yes, the priests of Bahamut spend very little time on our marketplace training. And even less on mathematicks. Luckily, you have been better trained. A cleric of Bahamut does not mean to cheat anyone. The components and nine platinum it is!”

Lowering his voice, Z’alden says, “While I am here, might you have any small items with magical powers that you might wish to sell? Magical stones for enhancing a blade or a mace? Stronger potions?”

But For a Single Door

Erik is taken a bit aback by Teldorthan’s needlessly gruff attitude; an attitude puzzling in that anyone who has battled anything greater than an orc would welcome magic. After a long pause and study of the shopkeeper’s face, Erik grins slightly and fists two gold pieces down on the counter. “Shopkeep, sixty arrows.”

But For a Single Door

Rift suddenly wakes up from her reverie. “I need to go see my old mentor, Nimozaran the Green.”

She strides confidently over to the familiar tower, seeing all of the familiar places where she used to hide after failing at some minor prestidigitation. She notices that someone tried to erase the chalk graffiti marks that she had drawn so many weeks ago. The marks were gone now, but not without effort.

“Nimozaran!” she shouts. “I have a present for you.”

Saying this, she takes out her magic staff of defense, and hands it to Nimozaran if he appears. If he opens the door, she adds “I may not have learned wisdom yet, but I have found treasure, and friendship.”

But For a Single Door

Orest pauses before answering. He stands still for quite some time, Z’alden fidgets a bit, wondering if he should say something. Just before Z’alden speaks Orest blinks and refocuses on Z’alden, “Sorry about that delay, I got lost in thought; I have to prepare a party for the anniversary of my daughter’s birth and was thinking about the details. What were you asking about? Oh yes, other potions. I do happen to have a few on hand right now. I have some Dust of Arcane Insight, which allows anyone the ability to detect magic for 5 minutes (use 3x per day) for 3,400 gold. I also have 3 Fire Beetle potions (spend a healing surge and gain 5 temp hp plus resist 5 fire for the encounter) at 75 gold per. And I also have 2 Potions of Regeneration, those can really come in handy in a long battle let me tell you (spend healing surge, gain regeneration 5 when bloodied for the encounter), those are 160 gold each. Any interest in any of those?”

Rift waits after knocking. The door soon opens, but instead of her old mentor, she sees a small halfling. “Rift,” he says, “I am surprised to see you again. Have you come to rejoin our little guild?” Rift shakes her head, “Sorry Tobolar, but no. I want to see Nimozaran, is he in?”

The halfling pauses, then nods, “Wait here.” He closes the door. A few moments later an old wizard opens the door. Rift hands him the staff and makes her statement. Nimozaran gives her a half smile. “Thank you my child, I appreciate the gesture. If you continue to change in this manor I will open my doors to you once again, but not yet. Good luck.”

But For a Single Door

Z’alden shakes his head sleepily at Orest, “Indeed, planning makes one’s attention vanish. From the 9 platinum, for both potions of regeneration, we subtract 320 gold, leaving 5 platinum and 80 gold. My mathematicks improves from use!” Z’alden says triumphantly. “So, I will take all 6 sets of healing components, both potions of regeneration, and 5 platinum and 80 gold for the bracelet, necklace, and statue. And, may Bahamut’s favor shine on your business, you, and those for whom you care.”

Z’alden waits patiently for the goods and coins. Afterwards, he tells the rest of the company of the other potions and his dealings. The group has considerable treasure to divide after the 6 potions are made. He will head to one of the rooms in the Silver Unicorn Inn and begin the proces of making the 6 potions and then sleep.

OOC: If Felsmon gets the resilience amulet from the Ordinator, Rift should have his current +1 Amulet of Health, I think.

But For a Single Door

Once Z’alden is finished making his potions, and assuming everyone else is done shopping, we will head off to Winterhaven for the long-awaited reunion with Valthrun!

But For a Single Door

Z’alden points out to Rift that he was really hoping to find a scrivener to record their tale and wonders how Barrick’s search at the Temple went.

But For a Single Door

Barrick rejoins the party later, froth still wet in his beard. “I found one!” he says excitedly. Rift raises an eyebrow, but follows Barrick with the rest of the group, ending at the pub, “I should have known. I mean I knew he we taking us to some beer. I mean a pub.” Erik puts his hand on Rift’s shoulder, “We usually know what you mean, no need for the epanorthosis.”

Entering the blue moon Barrick leads them to a table, empty save one. Introductions are made, another round of ale is ordered, and Torbin begins the long process of recording the tales from the group. Another night is spent in Fallcrest as the party speaks with Torbin, sometimes as a group, sometimes one-on-one. Finally, convinced that the deeds would maintain a place in written history, the group decides to move on.

DM: Is it OK for the story to move to Winterhaven now, or is there something else that needs to be done still in Fallcrest?

But For a Single Door

With their deeds preserved, Z’alden gathers his friends. “My friends, we have been through much and now that we have digested our tale, it is time smile at the rewards that the gods have bestowed on us. We have out health, and we have some wealth. From our treasure, I sold the necklace, bracelet, and onyx statue we had found for components to make healing potions and some coin. These coin, combined with our previous rewards we had stored in the group’s bag of holding plus the 900 gold from the Baron (assuming everyone agreed with a tithe to help the former captives and please the gods), means that each of us receives 3 platinum pieces and 60 gold pieces. And, we all had already received 200 gold each from our findings in Paldemar’s chambers. Also, everyone receives a potion of healing. I have one extra potion, which I would like to go to Erik in case he gets into a tight spot with those amazing blades of his.”

Z’alden wonders if everyone realized just how much they had accumulated. He then turns to Felsmon, “My good paladin, with your receiving the Resilience Amulet, you cannot also use the Avandra statue of Health, as their magicks would conflict. Do give the statue to Rift, as she has none of those magicks that help one to move faster, stand stronger, and resist psychic blows.”

“Now, let us be off to Winterhaven and see what Valthrun’s eyes do when we tell him of the Minotaur we have seen!” Z’alden’s eyes twinkle at thought of that mystical minotaur. He hefts his Mace of Healing and smiles, “We have proof for the old wizened wizard that his ability to detect to magic will surely not fail to perceive”, as he points to the 2 remaining gems in mace and the gems on Felsmon’s armor.”

“Shall we have a stroll up to Winterhaven?”

OOC: From Winterhaven to Fallcrest was 1 day on horses, right? Should we try to buy some horses, or simply walk and camp?

But For a Single Door

Erik playfully swirls an open vial of healing under his nose as if it was the finest of elven fermented nectar. “Yes, my fine princess we shall have to wait until battle before we are together at long last.” He then turns his head away and scrunches up his face, holding his nose in a joking manner, for the medicinal potency is equal to its malodorous vapors. He laughs and thanks Z’alden for his skillfully crafted gift.

“To Winterhaven!”, exclaims Erik.

But For a Single Door

Not in a rush, the party decides to save their hard earned gold and walk instead of buying horses. On the second day, a few hours outside of Winterhaven, a lone rider is spied a distance down the road. From a distance, it can be seen that the rider is cloaked, hood up, and is moving at a full canter. As the group watches, the rider pulls up to a stop, the hood facing the group. With the face hidden in the hood’s shadow it cannot be determined if the rider sees the group, but it suddenly turns and heads cross-country, quickly disappearing into the trees flanking the road. Too far away to give chase, the group continues on their way.

Soon, the familiar earthen wall surrounding Winterhaven comes into view. As it is mid-day, the group decides to check to see if Valthrun is in before stopping by the inn. Valthrun recognizes everyone instantly, “Come in, come in! What news of beyond our burg?”

Before beginning the long story, Z’alden asks of the cloaked rider, “A small part of me wants to say I recognized that elfess Ninaran in the rider.” Valthrun sighs and nods, “You are perceptive indeed.” Barrick speaks up, “But I thought she was apprenticed to you for a full year for her transgressions.” Valthrun takes a breath and explains, “Eilian and I returned from a fishing trip a day early last week and I entered to find that Ninaran and Numien are definitely not siblings. We talked many times and each time I uncovered more untruths from her. Finally she slipped and revealed that she still corresponds with a not-so-white mage. I became enraged and she fled before I could do any harm. I do not believe she will risk returning here, and I have not seen her so-called brother for a couple days. If you see her on the road, be wary, she is not to be trusted.” Valthrun pauses for a few seconds, lost in thought, “But enough of my woes, tell me tales of adventures!”

Everyone takes turns regaling parts of his or her recent adventures. Valthrun raises his eyebrow and looks skeptical for much of the stories, even snorting now and again. But when Felsmon points to the glowing circles on his breastplate, and Z’alden hands him the Minotaur enhanced mace, Valthrun’s eyes widen in amazement. Running his hand over the circles he whistles, “Granted my specialty was always chaos magic, but I learned enough from my days as a fighting mage to be able to recognize the old magic. This is powerful stuff, not just anyone can turn back time; even for a brief moment. I know not from wherelse this could come. As much as my senses say otherwise, I must now say I believe you. Ah, if only I was young enough to visit there myself.”

Valthrun looks around his study, “I believe I promised a couple rituals for proof, and as you have fulfilled your part, I will see about fulfilling mine.” He stands and rummages through papers and stacks on his desks. “I am afraid most of my current work is of an unfinished nature, but I do have these,” he pulls two old sheets of vellum from the top of a pile of books. He surveys the group, and then hands them to Rift, “You look like the one most likely to use these.” Rift receives the Cure Disease and the Speak with Dead rituals. “Remember to spend a few days learning these before attempting them, you can buy the needed materials here in town.”

DM: Final Thunderspire Experience: including Paldemar, the Mages, the Baron of Harkenwold, and Valthrun, brings the total to 11,170 xp per character.

But For a Single Door

Rift bows to Valthrun. “I thank you for these rituals. Speaking as one who has direct experience, I am sure we will put these to good use, especially the Cure Disease…”

Rift would like to copy these rituals, as well as the other new rituals, into her book of rituals. She will settle her debts with her comrades over a pint or three of ale.

Once she is done, we move on!

But For a Single Door

Erik looks over Rift’s shoulder as she peruses the rituals. He does not understand. Maybe one day magic runes will grace his arrows so that they fly better to the heart of their targets.

But For a Single Door

Valthrun smiles a raises a hand, “Wait here a sec, I have something you might want to see.” He rises and goes to a wooden door. Opening it an ascending staircase is visible. Valthrun calls up, “Miss! There are some folks here you might want to see!” Gentle footsteps can be heard coming down the stair, and then a familiar face enters the room, a large smile growing on her face as she recognizes several members of the party.


DM: This officially ends the Thunderspire Labyrinth adventure. Let’s continue comments on this page

But For a Single Door
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