Campaign of the Month: March 2009

Denizens of the Nentir Vale

Close to the Rift

After treachery, the adventurers boldly pursue a path to the Rift


At the bottom of a long, dark spiral staircase, the group had paused at a door. After a reflective discussion on the Art of War led by the intriguing Tiefling wizard Skamos Redmoon, and Splug’s insistence on the superiority of Tzugrot Moonclaw’s original Goblin text, the adventurers had readied themselves for whatever lay beyond. Splug had been of little help, telling only half-descriptions of slithering sounds and a mysterious “pet” that the dwellers of this level kept. Splug did warn the five of the need for the passphrase to move beyond the guards but swore he did not know this key, even under the intimidating glare and threatening moves of the massive dragonborn Paladin Felsmon. Even Skamos’ offer of more pleasant discussion of the work of Moonclaw could not pry the passphrase from Splug.

At the door, Z’alden Silverflame the cleric used his new training to listen carefully. He could hear guttural shouts and laughs. “Splug, could the hobgoblins be playing some sort of game?” Z’alden asked. Splug had only quivered. “They could be tossing chickens to the pet!”

Skamos, unwavering despite Splug’s nervousness, stealthily opened the door. “Creeakk” Skamos and Splug entered not-so-quietly. Inside the room, two Hobgoblin brutes were tossing a skeleton head into a dump pit. As muck splashed from a successful basket, the nearby gong was sounded in triumph by a third. They leapt to their feat as the Tiefling and the Goblin entered the room. A fourth, the leader, accosted Skamos and Splug, “Who are you? What are you doing here?” One of the brutes said, “Is that Splug? I thought he was being tortured to death.”

Smoothly, the wizard replied, “I have a message for Kalarel. Splug has led me here to deliver it.” “Well, hand it over,” the leader said. “No, the message is memorized. I only deliver it to Kalarel.”

The leader paused. “Are you alone?” The Tiefling lied, “Yes. I am just here with Splug.” The Hobgoblin sent one of the brutes up the steps where the rest of the group was waiting. “Five others up here.” The dwarven warrior Barrick almost smiled, “I must count twice.”

Descending the steps, the group gathered behind Skamos at the edge of the room, tense.

The leader exclaimed, “What’s the passphrase?”

Everyone turned to look at Splug… “Er, um… ‘Life fails in the dark’?”

“Hmmmph,” muttered the leader. “Wasn’t that last week’s passphrase?” whispered one of the guards to another one.

“Very well, come along,” the leader said. Surprised by this fortituous turn of events, all six followed as they were led to a corridor. Keys jangled as a metal door was opened. “Kalarel is down the hall. Turn right. He’ll take the message.” As the group went through, the door closed and locked behind. Noticeably, Splug was absent. Still unaware of the treachery, the adventurers came to a T in the corridor. Believing that Kalarel lay to the right, the group turned to the left. Z’alden went ahead to an alcove to look for hidden doors and traps.

Stepping into the alcove, the half-elf was attacked by a formerly transparent and unnoticed Gelatinous Cube. It quickly enveloped the cleric, rendering him immobile and unable to take action. The rest were almost frozen with astonishment. Z’alden was taken so quickly, how to rescue him without being sucked in themselves? The strong Paladin Felsmon and the mighty dwarven warrior Barrick bravely leapt to pull him out, but were unable. Skamos blasted away with magical energy, directing the power from his staff into the huge Cube. Clearly wounding it, the remaining adventurers were emboldened. The warlock Tira Duskmeadow moved to the far side of the Cube, wounding it further as Eldritch flames leapt from her fingertips. Bits of seared goo slopped off the Cube. In revenge, the Cube moved to her and quickly enveloped her. Felsmon slashed into the Cube with Aecris, the magical sword, sliding the Cube away from the group and back into its lair. Simultaneously, healing light poured from the sword penetrating the Cube, restoring the grievously wounded cleric who remained engulfed.


With the restored vitality, Z’alden said a prayer to Bahamut and was able to escape. Mystical light surrounded Tira as she shimmered and reappeared outside the Cube instantly. Soon after, the magic of the Tiefling and the Half-Elf Warlock, the sword of the Dragonborn, and the mighty battleaxe of the dwarf dispatched the muck.

After a brief respite, the group decided to try the right corridor. Walking into total darkness, scuttling sounds could be heard. With a sunrod and Skamos magic light to illuminate the corridor, a chest at the end could be seen. A trapdoor with a descending ladder was on the right and an ascending ladder on the left. Going up the ladder, Z’alden could see only a small corridor and could hear more scuttling sounds. Advancing to the chest, Felsmon and Z’alden looked inside after carefully checking for traps. Inside were old clothes, dolls, and, digging further, a rich silver bracelet with the name Ceinwein Keegan. Z’alden also found a golden medallion with the name Drystan Keegan on one side and a pair of wings on the other. Both Skamos and Z’alden could sense magical energy from the medallion. Skamos put on the medallion, stood on the chest and leapt into the air. He gently floated down. As the group began to discuss who should hold this treasure, Barrick was attacked by a Giant Centipede spewing fire at him!

The athletic dwarf was quick to react, leaping as only a surprised dwarf can leap, just evading the creature’s strike, and tucking into a somersault. Rolling to his feet filled with rage, he grimaced and turned his momentum into a mighty sidewinder spin of his axe, which cleaved back into the footed Worm, “I hate bugs.” Flames and magical energy from the others ripped into the Centipede. The Fire Centipede sprayed Felsmon with unearthly flames. Barrick’s battleaxe torn into it, ripping open a flaming interior. Immediately the entire Centipede was glowing, hot, and no longer moving. Felsmon grabbed it and tried to shove it down the trapdoor shaft, but a leg caught on the edge. It was getting hotter. Barrick gave it a massive shove, and it fell just as it burst into massive flames, singing the dwarf’s beard!

Safe, the group explored the trapdoor ladder, once the flames had been extinguished. A series of crawl-space tunnels in which Barrick felt perfectly comfortable, but which made Felsmon most stooped, led to a chimney opening with a roaring fire pit below. Searching another corridor, they found a small opening, several feet above the room with the Hobgoblins playing more pitball with skulls. They could hear the brutes, “Do you think they are dead, yet?” “Nah, let’s give the crawlies a little more time.” Hidden, and believed dead, the nearly exhausted adventurers rested, keeping careful watch.

Rejuvenated, the group went to explore the crawl spaces further. Finding the firepit down to glowing coals, Skamos, with a wave of his hand, created a small rainshower that doused the embers. Felsmon lowered Skamos head-first down the chimney. Skamos saw 5 sleeping Hobgoblin guards. The adventurers had found the barracks of the brutes at a most opportune time. Realizing that their powers combined might be able to destroy these monsters before they woke, Skamos, Felsmon, and Z’alden quietly descended the chimney, with Tira and Barrick close behind.

A powerful burst of magic flames erupted from Skamos’ staff, spreading out to scorch each of the sleeping Hobgoblins. Lightning burst forth from the mouth of the Dragonborn Paladin. 4 of the Hobgoblins were already vanquished! A dragonheaded light roared forth from Z’alden hands, ripping into the last one. The group entered the barracks and found some gold on the guards for their work.

At both ends of the barracks, curtains covered doorways. Skamos peered into the right curtain, only to see the face of the Hobgoblin leader just a few feet away and staring at him! “They are alive!” he shouted, “ Release the pet!” The leader’s words were met by crossbow bolts from Z’alden. Tossing the beds into a barricade, the group readied for battle.

A huge, black, furry spider leapt over the barricade, its nasty fangs glistening with blood. The leader and two other Hobgoblins were right behind. Magical energy erupted from Skamos’ staff, searing the leader, the spider, the Hobgoblins, and Barrick! “I hate magic” the dwarf roared. Z’alden stepped forward, opening his arms. Divine silver and purple flames erupted from the symbol of Bahamut in the center of his chest. The silver flames surrounded each of the foes, burning them severely. The purple flames enveloped Barrick, empowering him. As the divine flames struck, their intensity increased, as the symbol itself would tolerate this evil no longer. When the flames had ceased, only the spider and the leader remained. Barrick’s battleaxe tore into the spider. Felsmon’s sword cleaved the head off of the leader, who would lead no more adventurers into deadly traps.

The giant spider leapt across the room to Skamos, biting into him with a horrible poison. Mystical energy leapt from Tira’s eyes to the arachnid’s, causing it to squeal in pain. Felsmon readied a blow, but the spider leapt into the air. Barrick’s axe split the abdomen of the beast, blood and guts poured onto the dwarf, and the spider was no more. “I hate spiders,” the dwarf scowled.

With 8 Hobgoblins and 1 “pet” fallen, and the leader’s keys to the keep in hand, the group went through the west curtain of the barricks. Past a door, a large room with 2 huge opposing statues and 2 smaller statues past them awaited. Z’alden could sense no traps. Felsmon walked forward. The left statue came to life, swinging a 12 foot sword into the Dragonborn. The Paladin nearly dodged it, only having his elbow nicked. The statue continued to swing his sword in a wide circle, around and around. Skamos quickly noticed a pattern. All agreed that the sword swing could be timed and passed. Felsmon bravely went first, passed the sword-swinging statue, and moved to get to the doors at the far end of the room. Moving between the smaller statues, lightning blasts immediately filled the area between them, burning into the lightning-breather himself! Helpless, the group watched as Felsmon moved past the lightning to the doors. Saying a prayer, Felsmon was able to heal himself, but what was the rest of the group to do?

As soon as one passed the swinging statue, the lightning would roast the adventurer. Tira looked at the swinging pace, eyed the smaller statue and ran. Just past before the statue sliced the half-elf into two pieces, the warlock shimmered and was gone, only to reappear behind the lightning generating stature unharmed. With all of her strength, she pushed the small statue, sending it to the ground shattering. The lightning wall disappeared, and the rest of the group, also carefully timing the swings, could pass unharmed.

Listening at the door, a female voice chanting some unknown language could be heard. Skamos quietly opened the door. To the group’s surprise, the chanting female voice was coming from Ninaran! Across a massive hewn chamber, with rivers of blood running towards a central pit, Ninaran stood, some 140 feet away from the group, continuing to chant oblivious to their presence. Undead skeletons and zombies and other evil humanoids lined the walls. Unbelievably, could Ninaran be the big K – Kalarel? Had they found the Rift and the center of the Cult of Evil? The destruction of the Cult, the saving of Winterhaven, and Marla the Cleric of Pelor’s reward of 250 crowns each might not be far away. Quietly, the group backed into the statue room to pause and consider the next course of action.



DM: Did the Gelatinous Cube do more than immobilize Z’alden? Immobilization doesn’t seem to mean that no actions are possible, as other conditions specifically say “No actions.” (PHB 277). I would have thought it meant no movement is possible. But any action that is a free action and doesn’t require movement (e.g., healing by the Dwarven Armor) should be ok, I would have thought. Z’alden may get an immobilizing power himself someday, so I want to understand just how limiting immobilization is to power users. Thanks for clarifying.

Close to the Rift

With the doors quietly closed and now between them and the great chamber, Skamos huddles with his compatriots. “We need a strategy”, he states, kneeling to draw on the dirty floor. “We’ve seen six of them, including Nanaran, but there could be more. We have low walls that could be used for cover – for combat or surprise.” Skamos pauses to reflect before continuing, “A bold plan would be to send me in to sneak around to the right under the cover of the walls. The rest of you would sneak around to the left. When I could go no further, I would send a magical audible signal to one of you, whereupon you would attack. A diversion to draw the enemy. Meanwhile I would more easily and quickly advance to attack Nanarin and hopefully reduce her chance for casting magics. Perhaps Barrick would have more luck sneaking in due to his stature – apologies great warrior – and luck with Ninaran in close combat.”

Skamos pauses with finger raised, “But first… I am puzzled by the passages we crawled through earlier… with the gelatinous cube and fire centipede. Why were they built? Barrick, did they run near to the great chamber? Could there be a secret door we missed? We could risk a return trip past these mighty blades to go back and look for a better way into the great chamber.”

Skamos pauses yet again with finger raised, “Or, shall we discuss other strategies that lie directly behind these doors? Perhaps a wedge shaped assault? Warriors to the left and right, moving forward, going for Ninaran. Or a run to the left by the entire group, backs to the wall? To fall Ninaran as fast as possible, I believe that should be our goal… at least to reduce her ability to cast her evil magics from afar.”

With penetrating eyes, Skamos then looks up at each member of the group. The tip of his tail betrays his calm voice, nervously tapping the stone floor.

Close to the Rift

Great job on this session! I thought everything went smoothly, and was fun. You guys really know how to work together now. I think I’ll have to make things more difficult!


  • Hobgoblins & spider: 1600 xp
  • Cube & fire bug: 550 xp
  • Traps: 450 xp
  • General coolness: 1250 xp

Total….. 3850 xp, or 770 xp each. This should put you each at 2286 xp, or enough for 3rd level!


Safewing Amulet +1 (engraved to Drystan Keegan): +1 to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will defense. Also, the wearer falls slowly, lands on his/her feet after a fall, and reduces the amount of damage by 10 feet.

Silver bracelet, engraved to Ceinwein Keegan

Close to the Rift

Regarding the Gelatinous Cube, I think I goofed up its attacks and their effects. Here’s how it should be played:


If a character is adjacent the cube could do a slam attack: +10 vs. Fortitude, 2d6+2 damage, target is immobilized (save ends).

If the cube moves into your space, then you are engulfed: +8 vs. Reflex (automatic hit if character is already immobilized). If hit, target is engulfed and is considered grabbed. While grabbed the character takes ongoing 10 acid damage and is dazed.


If you are immobilized (either from being hit by the slam, or because you are engulfed and hence grabbed), then you cannot move from your space. But you could take a Standard Action and two Minor Actions (trading in your Move for a Minor).

If you are dazed, then you can take only one action on your turn – a Standard, Move, or Minor (although probably not a Move since you’d be engulfed).

The way I played the cube – it was easier to escape (just a save ends), but harder because I didn’t let you do anything while immobilized. Oh well, it was fun!

Close to the Rift

Regarding reaching 3rd level, let’s just do it the same way as last time – go ahead and level up, pick your new 3rd level encounter power (you can use it right away). I don’t think there are any new daily powers so that’s not a concern. Any other issues to be aware of?

Close to the Rift

OOC: DM- Thanks for the Cubic Clarification. Wow, 3rd Level. Z’alden will be retraining the Armor of Bahamut feat for Skill Proficiency in Perception. He will take the Daunting Light encounter power which has a range of 10 (damage 2d10+4) and gives combat advantage to 1 ally.

Z’alden shoulders his crossbow. “Skamos, the distance is large but not insurmountable. At a range of 50 feet we have many attacks that could hit the vile Elf.”

Z’alden pauses. “As we assume we remain undetected, I like the idea of searching for a closer entrance. While I have stumbled upon traps recently, I believe that I am finally understanding the training my Ranger father gave me to find hidden and secret doors (OOC: now +12, 22 Passive Perception).If we do not decide to search a bit, I like the boldness of your first plan, but fear we would be taken down by separating. I prefer that we tstay within 15 to 30 feet of each other as a group. Otherwise, we can be isolated and slain one by one as in the Kobold lair. Your idea of proceeding down one side of the chamber or the other and trying to advance as far as possible as quietly as possible is a good approach. If we are detected, then we can move quickly to the enchantress and would have covered some of the ground.” Z’alden scratches the point of his left ear. “I am concerned that we do not want to touch the red liquid pouring into the Rift hole, but jumping across it may attract attention. This concern might speak to a more forward thrust and quick advance. It might also speak to trying to find a second entrance. By jumping, I would expect us to be detected.”

Z’alden sniffs the air and reflects on the liquid, hoping to recall what it is. He also reflects on the creatures they saw, trying to remember what he knows of the evil that could aid in their effort. “Skamos, Tira, from your training in Arcana, have you seen such a liquid before? Did you recognize any of the creatures?”

Close to the Rift

Felsmon says quitly “I think it’s blood” could Felsmon retrain his “enlarged dragon breath” feat for the “hurl breath” feat? (not in players hand book)It’s in Ecology of the Dragon Born.Benefit:When you use your dragon breath power you can hurl it as an area attack instead of using it as a close blast. You can create an orb of energy that explodes in a burst 2 with a range of 10 squares.It does say heroic level feat!

Close to the Rift

Z’alden says,”Felsmon, that is my thinking too, and yet I wonder if it has been enchanted or made evil in some way?”

Turning to Skamos,”Do you still have the Keegan medallion? Perhaps Tira or Barrick should hold it. I believe it possesses some defensive benefits similar to the statue of Avandra that Felsmon carries.”

Close to the Rift

Barrick chimes in: “Skamos’ stealth has been off this entire trip, but I couldn’t do any better – plus, I’m still smarting from his blasted attack on me at the barracks! I had success in running up to one of those crossbow wielders, but this NineIron is too far away for me to reach before she gets off a curse. Plus, it’ll be at least slippery, if not deadly, on the way. I hate rivers of blood!”

“Tira, can you do your disappearing act from barrier to barrier, getting close enough to engage her before she notices? We would be only seconds behind you, if all goes well.”

Close to the Rift

All of a sudden, through the door, you hear a deep “Bong!”, like the intoning of a tremendous gong – click to listen.

Then you hear a sound like large rusty chain being pulled.

Do you want to take a peek?

Close to the Rift

“Shall we peek through the door?”, Skamos inquires, “I say we must…”. He then takes off the Safewing Amulet and offers it to both Tira and Barrick. “In battle and with pits, it will serve one of you well”, Skamos states.

Skamos then ponders Z’alden’s query about the red liquid and the creatures. (DM, does Skamos need to roll?)

Close to the Rift

Z’alden nods, ``Skamos, I think you have the best chance of peering through the door without being seen.”

Close to the Rift

Very carefully, Skamos re-opens the door just enough to peek through. (Rolls stealth 15 + 10) The others nervously wait to hear what Skamos sees…

Close to the Rift

Tira sighs wistfully, “I wish I could teleport every 6 seconds, but shifting out of phase is tougher than it looks, I need at least 5 minutes between each jump or I risk turning my mind into a blob of goo not unlike that monstrous ooze that slimed me recently. An attempt of sneaking up the sides sounds like a rousing idea. Anything that gets us close enough to blast that elven …” Tira’s words trail off unintelligibly.

After a pause, Tira eyes the magic amulet, then glances at Barrick, “What say you; shall we handle this the old fashioned way?” She readies her fist for a game of Rock Parchment Sword whilst waiting for Skamos to report.

Close to the Rift

Skamos, you sloooowly push open the door. Creeeeeek.

Inside, you immediately notice that Ninaran has moved up to the edge of the pit. Off to your right, four zombie-like creatures are pulling on a heavy chain, which goes up to the ceiling (about 50’ up), right above the pit, where they connect to a series of pulleys. The chains then continue down from the ceiling, through the pit.

As you peer intently, you jump suddenly as Z’alden hisses in your ear – “What do you see?!”.

Continuing to look, you see Ninaran leaning over the pit’s edge. She shouts out – “Kalarel! How goes it? Is the Rift opened yet?”

Chains grinding, a platform rises slowly out of the pit. On it stand three figures – two are wearing grey cloaks with hoods that cover their faces, their heads bowed. The third figure is a very tall human. He is clad in heavy armor, while his helm has large ram’s horns. In his hand he carries a rod topped with a leering skull. This must be Kalarel.

“We need more sacrifices!” Kalarel shouts. “I told you to bring more villagers…” he sneers at Ninaran.

Even from 60 feet away, you can see Ninaran bristle. “I told you, Kalarel, any more missing from Winterhaven and those meddling adventurers would have suspected me.”

Kalarel dismisses her comments with a wave of his rod. “Your problem, not mine.” He turns his back on her, and begins speaking to the robed figures. Ninaran puts her hand to her belt. She slowly draws a dagger, its edge flashing in the weird blue light.

Ninaran raises the dagger, obviously intending to strike Kalarel.

dagger At the last moment, she pivots and hurls the dagger towards the zombies holding the chain. As one of the zombie collapses in a quivering mass, the dagger whips out of its flesh and hurtles back towards Ninaran. Deftly catching the blade, she slams it into her belt. Skamos, you might have blinked, but you’d swear that as the zombie took the blow, Ninaran’s body seemed to shimmer slightly.

“Feeling better?” Kalarel inquires. Either Ninaran says nothing, or you are unable to hear her reply.

Kalarel sweeps his rod around him, seemingly speaking to no one in particular – “I must continue the ritual. The beast grows impatient. Azural and Mingot will gather more victims – hobgoblins if need be. Ninaran, keep the blood flowing.”

Obviously finished, Kalarel leaps onto the swaying platform and raises his rod, pointing to the remaining three zombies. Mindlessly, they begin lowering the platform down into the pit.

The two acolytes turn away from Ninaran, and begin to walk towards you.

What do you do?

Close to the Rift

DM: Did any of us learn anything from our Nature and Arcana monster checks above about the zombies or Ninaran? Should we be rolling when we say that we want to do something, or could you roll for us?

Z’alden whispers,”By the claw, we must not let these unholy acolytes pass! If we get on either side of the doors and the wall, concealing in the shadows, then after they are past the doors, we close the doors. Skamos, Felsmon, Tira, and I can use our burst and blasts, and the mighty dwarf will fell them both in one blow.”

Z’alden steps behind the left door and pushes against it so that it will not open all the way but only some if an acolyte chooses to open this door. He readies an action to close the door once an acolyte passes through it. He tries to be Stealthy for the first time, ever (+1), and hopes his shiny dwarven chainmail doesn’t jingle.

Close to the Rift

Skamos silently nods to Z’alden and his compatriots. He then positions himself opposite Z’alden, ready to close the right door once an acolyte passes through. Alas, the “silence” ritual takes ten minutes to perform. Not enough time. Perhaps something to aid in the distraction of acolytes Azural and Mingot? Skamos prestigitates a scattering of gold and silver coins on the floor near the door, hopefully to draw the acolytes attention as they pass through.

Close to the Rift

OOC: Felsmon is retraining Paladin’s judgement for On Pain of Death. He’s taking 3rd level encounter power Invigorating Strike.

Felsmon steps to the right, gets against the wall and tries not to clank. He gets ready to Dragon Breath a blast 3 (minor action +5 vs Reflex; 1d6+1), add Divine Strength (+4 to the attack, minor action, makes it 1d6+5), and then Radiant Smite with Aecris if there is an adjacent enemy (+9 vs AC; 2d8+6 radiant damage).

Close to the Rift

OOC: Scratch the retraining. Felsmon is retraining At will power Holy Strike for Bolstering Strike.

Close to the Rift

To answer zplayer’s questions – you didn’t learn anything additional about Ninaran, the zombies, the acolytes, or Kalarel.

What about light sources? There are two torches in your room, one on either side of the doorway. They are currently lit and shining brightly. Don’t forget, you’ll need some light to see at all.

Let me get the rest of this straight – Z’alden and Felsmon are on the right side (facing the doors), while Skamos is on the left? Unless I hear otherwise, I’ll assume that Tira and Barrick are with Skamos.

Skamos is going to create an illusion of spilling coins as the two acolytes pass through the door. Is this after you’ve pushed the doors shut, as you are pushing them shut, or while the doors are still open?

Aside: Barrick, with his acute sense (mistrust?) of magic, suddenly notices that the pouch where he put his Bahamut statue feels slightly warm.

Close to the Rift

OOC: Felsmon is just past the right door (facing the doors). Z’alden is behind the left door. Skamos, I believe is behind the right. I think Tira is on the left side with Z’alden, and Barrick is behind Felsmon on the right.

OOC: I knew Z’alden should have studied harder!

Z’alden whispers to Skamos,”Would you wiggle your fingers at these torches here by the doors. Maybe then Felsmon will be a bit more difficult to see?” Assuming Skamos can get the torches out, Z’alden lights a sunrod and tosses it the very distance that the low-light vision equipped party could see still the Acolytes.

Close to the Rift

Tira is on the left with Z’alden. Assuming some sort of information from Barrick: She pulls out her Bahamut statue and turns it over in her hands, feeling it and peering at it from all sides.

Are the statues in our room still spinning? If so, I think that would be a huge give-a-way that someone, namely us, has recently come through the room and might be lying in ambush.

Close to the Rift

The statues have stopped spinning, although you are worried that if you get too close to them, they will start again.

Close to the Rift

Barrick, uncertain as always what to do with a magical object, gauges the heft of his Bahamut statue, trying to decide whether to use it like a throwing hammer or a club. They say that, to a dwarf with only a hammer, everything looks like an anvil. And, to Barrick, everything in his hands is a hammer anyway.

Close to the Rift

Here is what I am imagining:

|                 |
|  SBF /   \  ZT  | 
|_____/ A M \_____|

The eyes in the Bahamut statues are glowing very slightly. You get the impression that they are somehow protecting you with some sort of aura.

Azural and Mingot have pushed open the doors slightly, but have now stopped. They are talking in low voices. Z’alden, you are closest, and with your half-elf ears, you can understand them.

Azural says, “Should we really get hobgoblins? It might make them a bit, um, peeved.”

Mingot replies, “Let’s start with a couple of goblins first. They’re weak. Beside, one look at our faces and they’ll faint with fright.”

Azural chuckles evilly, “Ha! You’re right.”

You notice that both of them speak with deep, somewhat raspy voices. They are also breathing heavily.

Close to the Rift

Z’alden waits for them to get through the door before shutting it. When it is his next turn, Mingot will become his Quarry. Divine silver and purple light will erupt from the Symbol of Bahamut on his chest. Azural and Mingot will burn in the light, while Felsmon and Barrick will be empowered.

OOC:Divine Glow, +5 vs. Reflex, 1d8+4 and 1d6 more for Mingot, close blast 3, allies in blast get +2 to next attack roll. I am assuming Barrick will have stepped around to be in the 3X3 area; Skamos might also be in the friendly blast depending on where he is.

Close to the Rift

While he waits, Z’alden puts his hand on the statue tucked in his belt to see if he can discern more about its beneficial power.

Close to the Rift

Barrick tucks away his Bahamut statue, deciding after all that he likes the feel of his axe as it slices into its target. Recognizing the advantage he shares with his companions, he has already laid his heavy shield against the wall, grasping his weapon in both hands. Not long now. Not long now. Not long now.

Close to the Rift

Skamos waits with an outward calm but his heart beats seemingly loud enough to wake the dead. Ahh, inspiration from Jurj Pathon, the mighty warlord of ancient times… “Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.” A strange thought then interrupts Skamos’ focus, “Now is not the time to sneeze”.

Close to the Rift

OOC: How tall are Azural and Mingot compared to the characters? Taller than Felsmon? than Skamos?

Close to the Rift

From the brief glimpse that Skamos got, and through the crack in the door, you estimate that they are about average height. You notice that their eyes are glowing crimson. As they pushed the doors open, you also saw that their hands appeared like claws, and their skin looked gray and waxy.

A tremor suddenly shakes the ground. From beyond the door you hear a low rumbling, followed by what sounds like huge nails scraping on stone.

Azural mutters, “The Thing grows impatient.”

Mingot and Azural are now through the doors. Azural suddenly stops, puts his hand on Mingot’s chest to stop him, and points towards the sunrod glowing dimly across the room. They appear to be averting their gaze, as if even the dim glow is too bright for their eyes.

OOC: Do we want to play this part here, or wait until next Saturday?

Close to the Rift

Tira’s body is tensed with excitement, it almost appears that her eyes are also glowing, albeit with anticipation. She pats her upper chest, thankful she had accepted Skamos’ offer of the Safewing Amulet.

OOC: If anything involves dice rolling, or specific location strategies, then I think we should wait.

Close to the Rift

OOC: I also think we should wait. One thought I had is that after Azzie and Munie are finished, we have 2 of us put on their robes, stand and yell,”Lord Kalarel, the Hobgoblins are all dead!” to see if that can get Ninaran to come our way instead of having to go to her.

Close to the Rift

OOC: As tempting as it is, I also agree that we should wait if dice rolling is involved. What do you guys think of “The Thing” that Azural referred to? I like the idea of putting on the robes, but do we draw Ninaran in or do we drag some “shackled” adventurers to her (that the hobgoblins captured)? I think Felsmon wold be hard to drag, Not sure how we’d get all five of us in close.

Close to the Rift

OOC:Felsmon could where a robe.Yes… I think we should wait.DM how tall are these guys/

Close to the Rift

Barrick stretches his meaty hands one by one, dropping one to his side, then lifting it above his head, shaking it slowly and quietly all the while, then repeating with the other. Satisfied, he locks both hands once again onto his axe handle, and checks his stance. He has played this waiting game before, not a few times. Don’t overgrip, keep loose, let your blood flow freely while waiting, and soon enough your enemy’s blood will flow freely, too.

Close to the Rift
rplayer gorthmog

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